Frank Ocean Reveals Andre 3000 Collabo And Artwork For His Debut Album


Last week we got to hear Frank Ocean’s 10-minute long single/ballad Pyramid, which I absolutely loved. With the release of his debut album (Channel Orange) just a few weeks away, Ocean has decided to give us another preview of the good things to come. And Andre 3000 is one of them, so we can all do our happy music dance now :)

Frank Ocean: Channel Orange Album Artwork
(You know it’s not a typical rap album because his face isn’t on the cover. And because it’s Frank Ocean!)


Frank Ocean: Channel Orange Track List


Yes, John Mayer will feature on the album. And ya boy Andre 3000, who is ever-elusive but always down to work with truly good talent. The third and only other collabo is with Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future, which should be really interesting.

As far as the album title, people can only speculate about its exact meaning. Although, Complex Magazine did mention that all of the interludes on the album sound like TV commercials; hence “channel.”

There are great expectations for Ocean; many fans (and critics) have suggested that he even out-throned the kings of rap on Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne. And in a lot of ways, he did make that album the unique collection of music that it was. Like many others, I have high hopes for Channel Orange and can’t wait for the July 17th debut. Check out a video he released a while back for Thinkin Bout You.


Frank Ocean: Thinkin Bout You


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