Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams Rock Black On The Red Carpet


hree stunning actresses got all sexy and sultry, wearing black to their respective movie premieres this week. The gush-factor is strong. Emma Stone hit up London and Paris for the premieres for The Amazing Spider-Man, Mila Kunis rocked the red carpet for Ted, and Michelle Williams tried a new look for Take This Waltz. Needless to say, we have some serious issues to discuss– like the thin line between sexy and vampy, and the problem with lace Louboutins (the problem mainly being that I don’t have them). Gush-and-discuss with me inside.


Emma Stone in an Elie Saab  jumpsuit at The Amazing Spider-Man London Premiere


Emma Stone poses with co-star/boyfriend Andrew Garfield and co-star Rhys Ifans. Peep the seriously plunging neckline. Me likey.


Emma goes Gucci for The Amazing Spider-Man Paris Premiere


Herein lies the problem: is it sexy, vampy, or just… uhhh not a good look?


Mila Kunis in a Christian Dior dress at the Ted premiere

See the plunging mesh v-neck? Britney rocked a similar look (without the v-neck) at the X-Factor auditions in Austin. It works.


There’s nothing like a good smokey-eye. And Marky Mark Wahlberg. Both of those. Moreplease.


Oh, and in case you missed them, here are Mila’s lace Louboutins. More things in life should involve turquoise and lace.


And finally, the eternally-gorgeous Michelle Williams in Altuzarra at a Take This Waltz screening


Strappy white Givenchy heels complete the look.


If I could only steal one look (and one pair of Loubitin’s), it’d have to be Mila Kunis’s. Somebody had the audacity to describe her get-up as vampy! Granted, she does sorta kinda look like she might have been on one episode of Buffy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And I love Michelle in black (it’s kind of different for her– she’s into more feminine, floral pieces), but I don’t luuuurve the corset. And yet, there’s no denying that she looks sexy. Baring her neckline, shoulders, and chest like that fully compliments her blonde pixie cut. IMO.

Any thoughts on Emma Stone? The jumpsuit was hot! I’m not a huge fan of ‘pants’ on the red carpet, but this is different and I think she’s pulling it off in major ways. But what happened with the Gucci gown look?! Methinks the gown is fine, but Emma is known for having flawless make-up so I’m not sure about what happened on this particular day. The hair and make-up is a little Nicole Kidman-esque when it probably should have been more Emma Stone-ish.

But ultimately, I think all of these women look amazing (if not in these very pictures, then elsewhere) and I’m excited to see ALL of their films this summer.

So who’s look (or shoes, or eyeliner) would you steal, if you could? Not that you would :)


  • Shannon

    Emma looks straight up scary in a close up! Love milas shoes and LOL at michelle’s boobie tassels!!

    • LMAO at ‘boobie tassels’– nice one Shannon!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Emma looks incredible in the jumpsuit. Holy. Smokes. And Mila and Michelle both look great too. I would wear Mila’s out of all of these outfits, but if I could pull off that jumpsuit (and could afford it) I would be all over that!

    • ClaireMichelle, it’s scare how easily Emma can go to cute to hot. She pretty much rocks at that. I virtually gift you the jumpsuit– enjoy! Lol.

  • Hannah

    Looking at them the jumpsuit is my favourite, but practically I would pick Mila’s to steal. No way could I pull the jumpsuit off.

    • Hannah– dye your hair blonde, throw on some smokey-eye with that pink-peach lip color and the jumpsuit is YOURS. Lol.

  • Jesse

    Emma looks like classic Hollywood. Gorgeous from head to toe.

    • Jesse, I agree. She’s pretty stunning.

  • emily

    emma looks amazing in that Gucci gown. I love the dark look on her and I basically just need that dress!! gimme!

  • Debho

    I love Emma Stone. She’s my “new favourite girl”. I wish she’d go back to her red hair though. I love that jumpsuit and think it’s a refreshing change from the usual blingy gowns everyone wears.
    The other girls look lovely too, though I”m not sure about Michelle’s white shoes.