Watch: A Kindergarten Class Delivers An Amazing Performance Of ‘Vogue’ By Madonna


There is an absolutely adorable viral video going around that features a group of kindergartners, namely Mr. Avina’s Class, putting on one Hell of a performance of Madonna’s now-classic single Vogue. Yes, the video is as cute as it sounds. Click below to see Mr. Avina’s Class in action and TRY and tell me it’s not the cutest and most fabulous thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

Proving just how far voguing has come since its Harlem drag origins, a video of a kindergarten class performing Madonna’s classic single is going viral in the blogosphere. The poses struck by these pint-sized “voguers,” identified on YouTube only as Mr. Avina’s class, echo those made famous in the Material Girl’s 1990 video. Also impressive are the tots’ costumes and props — black top hats, hand-held fans and all.

These kiddies know how to WERQ! I love this video so much. It’s awesome, isn’t it?


  • kat :)

    that was all kinds of amazing-ness. I want to try to do that with my preschoolers!

  • Natasha

    Awwwww! They were all so cute!

  • LOOOVE this! They were so on point!


    Could just DIE from the cuteness!

  • blaqfury

    Color me IMPRESSED! Mr. Avina must be a miracle worker… to get all the kids to learn the choreography (with variation) and to do it on point, is amazing. They are so cute. 2 snaps and a standing ovation to Mr. Avina’s class!

  • rachel

    this is AMAZING! mr. avina must be extraordinarily patient (and all kindy teachers have to be extremely patient!). in the best of circumstances, organizing kindergarten kids is like herding squirrels… this is truly an accomplishment of the highest order! its also an amazing learning experience for the kids – following instructions, working as a team, learning that practice improves your skills, and performing in front of a group. WOW, way to go, mr. avina!!

    • @rachel — I suspect Mr. Avina would be adept at herding cats as well ;)

  • Duckie


  • jenn

    from paris is burning to mr avina’s kindergartners. rad.