Gisele Bündchen Stops By Terry Richardson’s Studio


Okay, if I put aside the creepy feeling I get looking at Terry Richardson (don’t google his name + ‘sexual allegations’ if you want to view these lovely pictures with an unfettered mind), I can really enjoy his work. He recently spent some professional time (ahem) with Kate Upton for her GQ shoot and then he got hella lucky (ahem) when supermodel Gisele Bündchen casually strolled into his NYC studio. Check out pics from their impromptu photo shoot inside. And no more jokes about sexual allegations. Promise.

Believe it or not, this is exactly what I look like when I get out of bed:

And this is pretty much how I look when I go to Target. You know, casual but chic. LOL.

Enter Giselle.


A few months back, Trent posted pics from Dave Franco’s photo shoot with Richardson. Those were also pretty sweet. In fact, I’m having trouble completing this post in a timely fashion as a result. But when I look at Terry Richardson’s stuff, I can’t help but feel awk. Try as I might, I just can’t ignore the creep factor entirely.

It’s like when I saw Roman Polanski’s Carnage (easily one of my top 5 favorite films of all time) and I kept thinking about how and why he got banned from the United States of America. Which is why the movie (set in Brooklyn) had to be shot in Paris.

Important questions I need help working through: 1.) Is there any real way to separate an artist’s work from his personal life– and disturbing sexual history??? 2.) Why does Gisele looks so friggen AMAZING???


  • Courtney

    I’ve never saw Gisele’s appeal she’s average looking and a hollier than Thou Santimommy who can’t keep her big fat mouth shut

    • Courtney– “Santimommy” ??? Did you just make up that word? If so, please don’t sue me when I use it in [all] future posts, lol. I love it.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

    • Ella

      I never understood her appeal either Courtney. And it would always piss me off when people talked about how curvaceous she is. My broom has more curves than she does.

  • i think this dude is totally overrated. his tumblr blog is embarrassing. he takes a pic of an ice cream and captions it “ice cream”. OOOO. artistic!

    cobranake is another overrated and mediocre photographer in hollywood.

    • Andi

      Totally agree with you there, and with all the sexual harassment claims against him I do NOT know how he is still working in the business, I would never hire anyone to photograph a goldfish let alone a person if the potential photog had a history of sexual harassment complaints. Yes, these things tend to be he-said-she-said but if several complaints emerge from several different people I have a hard time believing that he is an innocent victim of people spreading vicious rumours.

    • Andi, you bring up a good point. I’m always curious about how it works in the industry when someone has a rep like this. Everyone seems to know what he’s about, but I’ve read that all of his assistants support him and many seem to think it’s just part of the biz. Madness.

    • lorili, thanks for the “ice cream” mention. That’s pretty ridic, lol. I’ll have to check out that tumblr.

  • JCZ

    I have a big passion for photography and well, agree and think he is a major creep and disgusting and also, he really isn’t that great IMO.

    I won’t lie – these allegations and his reputation probably influence my opinion of him greatly, but these photos with a white background are so old and useless.

    I can appreciate great art such as the works of Polanski, but I cannot accept or forgive their actions whether it was committed in their personal life or not. Polanski IMO deserves to be sentenced, it was selfish and gutless that he fled. I hope to see the day justice is found. I remember reading that the woman victim said she is over it now and wants it to be behind her – fair enough – but he still deserves to face trail, after all he broke the law and the justice system should decide his fate not the victim.

    It’s quote 50/50 which Polanski I’ve found from reading peoples opinions – If I was an actor I would be honoured to work with him but really don’t know if I actually would take such a job for that purpose – I guess I would put my moral beliefs before me and say no. I guess the point I try to make is, people don’t forgive OJ Simpson and no one really likes him, yes he finally found some karma – although he deserves more – and I think Polanski falls in the same boat. Escaping a sentence they quite clearly deserve and being a coward.

    Oh and Chinatown is an all time fave here (Jack may also have something to do with that).

    • JCZ

      **It’s quite 50/50 with views on Polanski.

    • JCZ thanks for weighing in. My stomach literally turns she I read the Polanski stuff, and I think you’re right– about the fact that he should at least face sentencing.

  • Janaegal

    Yeah, I think his photos, while sometimes fun, are pretty generic and mediocre. There’s no real creativity or dynamic aesthetic to them.

    And sorry, but he seems like a class A creep and I have a hard time separating sexual harassment allegations from his professional work. Many things I can overlook(like if you’re a Giants fan or you don’t recycle) but not things like that.

    • Janaegal, thanks for your comments. I agree– the creep factor is real. I just wonder about what would happen if we had to consider all celebs or artists along with their personal actions (esp the questionably moral ones). Would we be able to tolerate any of them, lol?

  • kel

    hi shannon, i know i am going to get launched at for this statement by some peeps, but that is how i feel about woody allen. he raises a girl as his own daughter, begins sleeping with her behind her mother’s back and then marries the daugher and has kids with her and all anyone can say is, “but he is SO GOOD! i am SO LUCKY to get to work with him!!” blech times a bajillion.

    • kel, no launching. THANK YOU. And I am one of those people who can’t wait for ‘To Rome With Love,’ but only if I put the reality of his personal life out of my mind. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  • BeeCee

    Agree that he is overrated. I do not understand Hollywood’s obsession with this man.

    • Ben@pr

      I totally agree.

  • Sam

    A person’s art should never by judged according to what he/she does in their personal life and how f*cked up they are.

    Now, in Terry Richardson’s case, I think he’s pretty mediocre (and also creepy). On the other hand, in someone like Michael Jackson, whether allegations of his *ahem* creepiness are true or not, the man was obviously an artistic genius who shaped pop music. That doesn’t change no matter what.

    • Sam

      should never be* judged ;)

  • Yasmin

    Maybe a persons’s art should not be judged based on their personal history. But that’s not the point. Even if you can agree that a director or singer is an artistic genius, I just don’t get how people can still support them. Pay money to watch their movies, buy their music. Or even promote their stuff. And what I really don’t get is why people still work with them. How can you shoot a movie with RP? When you have all the money and opportunity in the world like the Cast of Carnage? How can he get an Academy Award? It makes no sense to me and it makes me sick to be honest.

  • shelly

    well I find him a very boring photographer but he gets the best work possible and works with the biggest celebrities ever. Kate Moss and him collabo frequently. His work can be seen in Vogue,Harpers Bazaar,GQ and many more.