Yesterday was, mostly, a very fun day. Altho the early part of the day wasn’t the best I’ve ever experienced, I managed to salvage the rest of the day with a fun trip to Disney’s California Adventure. Last weekend, my car was viciously vandalized — the damage was so severe that I didn’t even want to look at it. I was able to take it in for repairs yesterday so … hopefully soon, it’ll be fixed good as new. In order to keep my mind off my car woes, I made my way down to Anaheim, CA to check out Cars Land inside the newly renovated California Adventure amusement park. Much of California Adventure has been updated and renovated with new attractions. I had so much fun, I didn’t even think about heading into Disneyland across the street ;) Check out some photos from my day yesterday.

This is what my car looks like now. It is currently in the hands of my Cadillac dealership and, hopefully soon, it’ll look bright and new again. Ugh. You can see why I’ve been so upset. Even tho it’s only a material object, the violation of having it so hatefully damaged has been … weighing on me. So, to try and overcome those feelings … I made my way to Cars Land:

California Adventure has been given a fresh new look and feel. It’s now meant to hearken back to the California of the 1930’s, back when Walt Disney himself built his empire. Additionally, newer Disney aspects are also highlighted in the park … there is a new Cars Land, a new Mad T Party area (basically an Alice in Wonderland RAVE land) and an updated Hollywood Land:

I got stranded inside the Monsters, Inc. ride for a bit but even that was fun. It was neat to be inside a ride with all the lights on, waiting to be rescued. It’s a rare treat to be so close-up to the innards of a ride like that. I didn’t plan on staying late but I got sucked into watching the new World of Color show. I picked up a Mickey Mouse Ears hat that lights up in sync and color with the World of Color show. There is a sensor in the ears that picks up the color commands from the World of Color show (I understand the ears also respond to the light show at the Mad T Party). I have a nice collection of Mickey Mouse Ears hats so these are a welcome addition.

I know it may sound childish but, honestly, getting away to Disneyland for a bit really helps me forget my troubles. I’m so lucky I live so close to Disney, it’s a luxury I relish all the time.

No plans for today thus far. Maybe a movie tonight but I can’t stay out late, I have my second day of marathon training tomorrow. Yee Haw! Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!!

  • Chris

    I just have a random question for you Trent…I know from reading your past blogs that you have a season pass for Disneyland…does that pass get you into the California Adventures park as well?

    • @Chris — Yes, annual passes allow entry into both parks. I have the Premium Pass, 365 day access to both parks, free parking and 20% discount on merchandise and most food.

    • ChristineLA

      Except the most expensive churro on earth (TM Modern Family)! That always chaps me a bit.

  • Andrea

    I want to go but I bet it’s going to be so crazy busy for a while… Love Disney! It’s a shame people feel the need to violate our personal belongings. Will never understand… Thanks for sharing some photos of the new addition to the park!

  • Hey Trent – good for you for taking yourself to a fun, happy place to forget your troubles. It’s not called the “happiest place on earth” for nothing, eh? What a great way for you to manage your tough feelings of violation. You made such a healthy choice! So many people sink their sorrows in drugs, booze, sex, food, what have you … instead of choosing something healthy. Your way of coping is effective and healthy and that deserves to be recognized. I hope you feel proud of that! There’s nothing childish about it at all. Not to mention how brilliant it is to visit the CARS attraction to get your mind off your own car woes.
    Good on ya :)

  • rOXy

    wtf? on your car? I was expecting some key scratches, but not that! That looks like a hit and run! Who would ever do something like that and why? Oy, now I’m upset that people can be so randomly violent. Cadillac will take good care of your baby and they will make it good as new.

    I love the mouse ears!! So my kind of thing! I guess I’m gonna have to whip out my pass and go now, but I hear the crowds have been near record and beyond. Thanks for sharing with those of us who have been too chicken to brave it.

    • @rOXy — Yes, the attendance has been brisk since DCA reopened but I had a great time yesterday. It wasn’t too crazy. Yes, the wait time for the rides was long but that is usually the case in either park. Head over, you’ll love the new stuff :)

  • ChristineLA

    Did you ride any of the new Cars rides? Report back, that people NEED to know!

    • @ChristineLA — Actually, no. I didn’t want to wait the 2 1/2 hours for the Lightning McQueen ride and I got preoccupied just checking out all of the new stuff. I’m going back soon, I’ll make sure to ride as many rides as possible.

    • ChristineLA

      I cannot blame you there. I won’t wait for anything that has a wait longer than 20 minutes now, but that is because of the toddler’s attention span. It will probably be 2014 before he even knows there IS a Cars Land!

      One of my favorite experiences at Disneyland was when Thunder Mountain broke down while our train was going up the final BIG hill at the end. It felt like such an adventure seeing it with the lights on, there are easily two (maybe three) floors under that ride that you can see through the tracks when you are stopped and the lights are on. It was all very dramatic, what with the hiking out! ;)

      Monsters, Inc. is my son’s favorite ride, he starts asking for “taxi cab” in the car.

  • Kel

    They really beat the hell out of your car huh Trent? That really sucks and I am sorry. Do you have any leads on who did it?? I know it is prob hopeless, but it is so frustrating that it happened in plain sight in a lit lot!!