Watch: The ‘2 Days In New York’ Trailer Shows Julie Delpy And Chris Rock Can Couple-It-Up


Ok. Chris Rock is not for everyone, but he’s for me. I just can’t help but love him. He’s teaming up with French-American filmmaker Julie Delpy (who directed and wrote the script for the movie as well) to bring us a rom-com from which I’m expecting big, amazing, adorkable things. Paris is involved (in fact, it’s Delpy’s follow-up to 2 Days In Paris), so I probably won’t be disappointed. Watch the first trailer for 2 Days In New York inside. Oh– and there may or may not be a hilarious, semi-NSFW bonus clip as well ;)

2 Days In New York First Trailer


This is so exciting! I was beyond bummed when I missed the premiere for this at the TriBeCa Film Festival. I showed up 5 minutes before the movie started and the house was packed; a whole long line of us were denied admission (AKA I wan’t the only dork getting turned away by security, lol). The love of my life and I were sent along our merry ways, tickets and all.  


But at least now I know I won’t have to wait much longer. On August 10th, Julie Delpy and Chris Rock will be in theaters, being all adorable and hilarious and awesome. Rock also got rave reviews from many critics. I think this storyline is familiar (you know, new couple meeting each other’s families), but it’s also going to be unique. Cannot wait.

Fun fact: That’s Julie Delpy’s father, playing her father. Cuteness.

Here’s the other treat. Ssshhh, it’s funnier than the trailer:

semi-NSFW clip from 2 Days In New York

  • Lulu

    Looks cute! :)

    • Lulu, I agree wholeheartedly. It’s gonna be adorable.

  • Sherri

    This looks adorable! And it comes out the day after my birthday! Birthday date night movie??

    • Sherri, that kinds sounds like the best b-day ever. Enjoy :)

  • annaross

    I saw a clip while he promoted it here in England on the Graham Norton show (hilarious interview, btw) and I will definitely watch this, looks fantastic!

    • annaross, thanks for commenting. I think Chris really is a funny guy, without even trying. Gotta find that interview!

  • karen

    Looks good!! I want to see it!

    • karen, I haven’t seen it (obvi) but I promise: you will love. Lol, thanks for commenting!

  • Miles

    If I didn’t love you enough already, you just endeared yourself to me more by singing the joys of Chris Rock! I thought I was the only gay man who thinks he is awesome! You should find the clip of him on Graham Norton talking about marriage equality–pretty darn awesome!

    Btw, how’s the training coming along?

    • Miles, Shannon (the new girl) wrote this one! Lol, but still– continue to love and adore Trent. We all do :)

  • Asty

    This was out in France a few months ago (for once when we get a movie first:) ) And it is super funny! I preferred it to Two Days in Paris. Enjoy!

    • Asty, you don’t get to be from France AND be the only who’s seen this flick! I’m jealous times 2, lol.

      Thanks for commenting!