• Franki

    Aw Shannon, as a LONG time pink reader I am loving your posts. In regards to Melanie Fiona, I think you are going to love her. I am more of an Indie girl and after listening to her album MF life on a whim, I kept waking up with her songs in my head and now that album has been on repeat for months! She has a special something!

  • Franki, thanks for weighing in. After I wrote the post I went on youtube to see what I’ve been missing from her and I’ve got some catching up to do. I may have to check out the album because you’re right, she does have a special something.

    So happy you’re liking the posts!

  • Sabrina

    I am not loving this song. I was, well actually still am, in love with 4 a.m. That is my song of choice when singing in the shower. I love J. Cole but would love him even more if he would wax the middle of his eye brows! :)

    • LMAO Sabrina! I think the day J. Cole waxes his eyebrow is the day I’ll fall out of love with him, but I hear you! And yes, 4 a.m. is pretty cray. This more of a fun track for her, I think but I agree– I like it better when she gets a little heavy.

  • nicole

    The MF Life is a good album. alot of good songs. i wouldnt say im a full blown fan yet, but she’s pulled me in a bit more with this new album

    • Thanks for commenting nicole. It might take time, but it seems like she could seriously blow up.

  • Janaegal

    Ah, I know I should hit up my iPod and research before commenting but I’m still being lazy in bed.

    But I heard of her because she had a song on The Hills that they played and I LOVED and googled who the artist was. I played that song on repeat for weekssss…until my boyfriend, who actually liked the song the first 13,243 times i played it for him, was on the verge of going crazy and deleted it from my iTunes.

    • Janaegel, I have been known to play many songs for months on end, to the point where friends would call and complain that they kept hearing the same song in the background and could I please change the track. Get the song back in your liiife! It’s perfectly healthy to obsess over things like this (so I tell myself).