Veggin’ Out


Earlier this week I mentioned that I started rewatching season 3 of Star Trek: Voyager and yesterday I managed to get thru most of the season. Trust me, I know this isn’t very exciting news but since my car has been put out of commission, I’ve been forced to find entertainment within the confines of my own home. Altho I’m still very upset about my car, I can think of worse things than being forced to veg out on the couch watching TV ;)

I’m almost halfway thru the entire 7 season series now and I’ve been reminded by how fun the show really is … even after all these years. I had forgotten how often Captain Kathryn Janeway changed up her hair’do (a seemingly important thing for a captain hurled 70,000 lightyears away from home) and I am getting ever closer to the arrival of the very popular Voyager Borg character Seven of Nine. I should be able to finish season 3 today and begin season 4 but I may have to hold off on plunging ahead.

I take my car in for repairs this afternoon so the rest of my day is going to be bizzy. I’m really anxious to get my car fixed so I’m happy about the repairs but, honestly, I’ve been in a pretty deep funk since my car was vandalized. I’m really looking forward to moving past this … and to help matters, I may trek down to Anaheim, CA to spend some time in the newly renovated and reopened California Adventure theme park. My legs are still sore from my 11 mile run so I was planning on going for a long walk today. I figure, what better way to kill 2 birds with one stone. I’ll get cheered up at California Adventure and loosen up my legs a bit. All of this will depend on my getting a rental car so, yeah, we’ll see.

So that’s my none-too-exciting daily update. I’m looking forward to the return of happier things to report. I truly hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday! Can you believe it’s almost the weekend again?

  • Oh no! What’s wrong with your beautiful car?!!!

  • iloveromy

    I’ve been trying to get through Deep Space Nine for the longest. I will be watching Voyager again after that. Loves me some Star Trek.