Lauren London Has A Lead Role On ‘The Game’


The Game is a brilliant show that’s had its fair share of ups and downs. Throwback fans remember when it was on The CW and back then? Honestly? It was kind of the perfect show. Who knew the world of football could be so compelling (and so femme-driven)? Apparently Mara Brock Akil (the creator) and Kelsey Grammar  (the producer) knew. After three glorious seasons the show was cancelled and fans everywhere championed online to get it back. BET finally got me to watch their channel again when they picked up The Game, but still, it wasn’t quite the same. Recently the two lead stars Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall dropped out of the show, but we have kind of exciting news today. Actress and girl-I-would-almost-trade-faces-with, Lauren London has nabbed a lead role on the show. According to TV Line, she will fill the void left by Tia Mowry. The Game fans (I know you’re on here!) get the details inside.

Check out the announcement from TV Line:

Lauren London (90210) is joining the BET comedy’s sixth season as a series regular, TVLine has learned. The actress — whose credits also include Single Ladies and Madea’s Big Happy Family – will play Kiera, a former child star who is currently appearing in a Cosby Show-esque sitcom. Producers are also on the lookout for an actor to play an all-star running back. Both roles are intended to fill the void left by departing cast members Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall (aka Melanie and Derwin).

All of the other regular cast members are coming back, but can we talk about how much this whole situations sucks pretty bad? Lauren London is a talented actress and we could all grab our laptops and go live in her dimples, BUT are we really supposed to watch The Game without Tia Mowry? Pooch Hall was recently on the New York radio station Power 105 and he said that he is, in fact, planning to return (he also rapped, but I don’t wanna talk about that). He had a scheduling conflict that he’s trying like hell to work out, because he really wants to be on the show. I hope he figures it out because, while I would still watch The Game, it would be with a lot of anger and hurt over the loss of Girl Melanie and my beloved Ding-Dong. LMAO. Never could take that nickname seriously.

I just saw Lauren London the other night on Vh1’s Single Ladies and damn, they needed her cameo. Again, I stress that she really can act (IMO), and it would have been sooo cool to see her with a part on The Game, in these previous seasons. I just don’t see how she can play a part that ‘fills the void’ of Melanie. C’est impossible.

If you missed the Season Finale of The Game you can watch it below. I have hella catching up to do so I’ll be checking the finale out after I peep the other episodes on BET.

Who’s been watching The Game and how does the Lauren London addition make you feel? I feel awkward, lol.



The Game: Season Finale


  • nicole

    as much as i want to be excited about this…
    the show wont last without Tia & Pooch,they were the main foucs of the show. theres a real good chance that this is the last season of the show. BET kind of turned the show into a joke, it hasnt been near as strong as was when it was on the CW.

  • nicole, I hear you! I just cannot deal with another cancellation of this show! Like, on an emotional level, lol. I was def one of those people signing petitions to get it back on but this IS different. Without Tia… aghhhh!

  • blaqfury

    I absolutely LURVED the game on CW, then hated it on BET (season 4) then began to like it again (this season) and then i found out about Tia & Pooch! Ahhhhh! BET has not been good for my emotions…LOL! Merwin is the Game! I’m not sure how I feel about Ms. London, but when I found out Tia & Pooch weren’t coming back, I have to admit, I lost all interest in turning in next season. We’ll see how it goes… Besides, I’m liking Let’s Stay Together better anyways… Can’t wait for Reed Between the Lines to come back too with its 1990’s Cosby-ish type wholesomeness. lol!

    • blaqfury, I hear you. It’s been rough on me too, lol. So glad you mentioned Reed Between The Lines! I only watched a few episodes but it was like, a parenting course on TV. Very sweet. Thanks for commenting.

  • Lynne

    I lost complete interest in The Game. I hated how it ended last season, and I’m sure I won’t be pleased with this season’s finale (I checked out after the 1st episode this season). Since it’s been on BET, the writing has been awful. I love Derwin and Melanie, but I wish they’d find some happiness!
    I can’t stand Lauren London and I can’t get over the fact that she slept with Lil’ Wayne. I mean, really?

  • Lynne, LOL! I came THIS close to putting up a pic of her and the baby and then I thought no– we’re not going there on this post. I’m also very confused about her decision to be baby mama number 3 (is it 3??? i think it’s 3) but I still think she’s talented and gorgeous (hence my confusion) and I like seeing her work. I just don’t like seeing her work in THIS because it makes no sense the more I think about it. I mean, what other show would continue to make episodes without it’s central characters? BET… aggghhhh.

  • Dezden

    I love The Game! I’ll be honest, I didn’t start watching until it was about to come to BET when they were showing all of those marathons. I got hooked then. It’s been off and on while on BET, and I was shocked to hear about “Mel” and “Derwin” leaving… wahhh. I guess I’ll still watch with Lauren on, but you’re right. I’ll miss it with Tia.

    BTW–Been watching Tia & Tamera on Style all afternoon.. anyone know where I can get their earrings?? I love hoops, but theirs are so big and amazing.

  • Dezden, the Tia & Tamera show has a blog with some style posts; here’s one I found with the earrings. Hope these are the ones you’re talking about.

    The earrings are Kenneth Jay Lane gold hoops. You can buy them at Dillard’s! Here’s the link:

  • Diane

    I have to say Lauren London is one of my favorite actresses. I loved catching her in Reed Between the Lines, her character was charming and kind of reminded me of Denise on Cosby Show. I was bummed to hear that Reed Between the Lines was cancelled, but I’m excited to hear that The Game is picking her up! I’m able to watch The Game from my iPhone, I downloaded the Dish Remote Access app when a coworker of mine at Dish suggested it. This app also allows me to manage my recordings and watch live TV all from my phone.

    • blaqfury

      Reed Between the Lines was renewed…

    • Diane

      Awesome!I thought I read somewhere today that it had been cancelled, but I’m glad to hear we’ll still be able to watch. Another show to put in line to record.