Hugh Jackman Gets Shirtless In Barcelona, Spain


Earlier this week we saw a few, um, invigorating photos of a shirtless Joe Manganiello on a beach in South Beach, FL. Today we see that the older dudes can hold their own on the shirtlessness front. Hugh Jackman has made his way to Barcelona, Spain with his family and was spotted sunning himself on a beach there. Click below to see Hugh in all his half-nekkid, beefy wonder.

He’s just finished playing the role of an escaped French convict in the film version of Les Misérables. But if yesterday’s photos of Hugh Jackman in Barcelona are anything to go by, he is back on his action hero diet. The hunky Wolverine actor was seen playing with his children on a Barcelona beach this week, running and frolicking in the water like a true action hero. The Australian A-lister, who today announced he will host the Tropfest short film festival in New York this weekend, looked in top form on the sands. Wearing only black board shorts, the 43-year-old bared his ripped torso and famously muscled arms. The doting dad was clearly enjoying the downtime with his two children, 12-year-old Oscar and daughter Eva, six. He has said on many occasions that one of his favorite things in the world is spending time with them. Hugh played with Oscar and Eva in the breaking waves, looking every bit the action hero as he swam, ran and jumped in the surf with the children.

You may recall when last we saw Hugh Jackman, he was spending some quality time with his son Oscar back home in NYC. It would seem that this trip to Spain will be a short one if he is going to be back in NY for the Tropfest Film Festival this weekend. Short trip or not, I’m glad that Hugh has the time and means to jet off to holiday destinations like this … cuz we don’t get to see nearly enough of his shirtlessness when he’s home in the Big Apple. Stay as long as you like, Hugh … as long as you stay at the beach :)

[Photo credit: X17; Source]