Watch: The Amazing Trailer For ‘Anna Karenina’


ust out your copies of Tolstoy’s original– Anna Karenina the movie is coming to theaters this November. Joe Wright, the director of Pride & Prejudice and Atonement, has taken on a hella ambitious project, but methinks he’s up to the task. Now you and I have got a few months to read (or re-read) the book. Something tells me that this will only enhance the Joe Wright/Keira Knightley/Jude Law experience. And based on the first trailer, this will be an experience. Checkie out inside.


First Trailer: Anna Karenina
You Can’t Ask Why About Love…


We all know how it can go down when  a good book becomes a film, but Anna Karenina is more than a good book. It’s a classic; whole college courses are taught on this female protagonist; careers have been built around the novel’s criticism; I read it when I was prego with my second son. AKA this is a huge deal.

Do you guys think Wright can pull it off? I love what he did with Atonement (cinematography was cray!) and The Soloist (with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr.) is also a good one in my book. Also, the adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece was handled by Tom Stoppard; he wrote the screenplay for Shakespeare In Love.

And Keira Knightley? YES. All day. Every day. And if you haven’t seen her in last year’s A Dangerous Method, get thee to Amazon Instant video right now. I don’t know about ya’ll (and I know my old Literature profs will probably be against this from a moral standpoint, lol) but I’m psyched about Anna Karenina. That trailer just… danced. With all its movement and passion and music, it danced. And I hope the movie does the same.

Check out stills and the first poster from Anna Karenina below.








  • Darion

    I think Keira sold her ability to appear in non-period pieces for fame and stardom. Homegirl lives in the 1800’s.

    • @Darion — LOL, so true. Hahaha!

  • rOXy

    High hopes for this one. It looks gloriously indulgently gorgeous.

    • rOXy, I think it’s gonna be gooood!

  • woodroad34

    Hmmm a cross between a Dior commercial and Moulin Rouge–can’t wait.

    • woodroad34, LOL. Nooo! But yes, kind of.

  • Bounds

    I want to go to there. I absolutely love his version of Pride&Prejuduce. The cinematography & score was amazing. Acting top notch. Loved Atonement and Hanna. Yes, Joe Wright directed that as well. This trailer looks like Joe has the confidence to put his vision ahead of the classic story. Yes, he can shoot with the best of them and think he outs Baz Lurhman with saturated indulgence on hbe the misc en scene. My only quibble is Aaron Johnson. Seems a bit out of place here. But, hopefully he makes me eat my quibble. I mean he is Kick-Ass afterall!!!

    I will see anything Joe Wright directs. He’s that good.

    • Bounds, I wondered about Johnson as well– but we may be surprised! Or, as you say, eating our own quibble, lol. Thanks for commenting.

    • Megan

      Johnson is a very good actor, have you seen Nowhere Boy or Albert Nobbs? I’m sure he’s more than capable for a period piece.

    • Ahhh Megan thanks for the input. I haven’t seen Albert Nobbs yet (how????)– thanks for reminding me!

  • Niki

    Big fan of Joe Wright and Keira Knightley as well. That girl was made to make period films. Is it bad I’ve never read Anna Karenina??

    • Niki, it’s not bad. And there’s still time! LOL, if you like Joe Wright you’ll love the stuff that inspires him, I think.

  • Charlotte

    Hate to say it but Keira Knightly was not up to playing Elizabeth Bennett and she is not up to playing Anna Karenina. She’s just not mature enough to get the depth of each of the characters. And, that ridiculous pouty face she does with her lips is worn right out. Blech.

    • LiQue

      i concur with you, she has been taking this classic roles that some incredible actresses have done in the past and for me it’s just more of the same. She should do other type of role although i loved her in atonement, Anna Karenina is sacred to me in a way, after watching both Vivien Leigh and Greta Garbo’s films and Sean Bean, Kiera is just not there, to me it seems roles chosen to get Gold Oscar Gold

    • Ah, I hear you guys– BUT I have seen Keira do amazing stuff (again, I stress A Dangerous Method) and I have high hopes. She may have to get away from some of her tropes (like the pouty lips Charlotte mentioned). A critic once wrote, “Keira Knightley acts with her teeth.” That may have to go too.

      LiQue, I haven’t seen the originals so thanks for mentioning. I’ll have to check them out.

    • Casey

      Charlotte, I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you there – I think she was an awesome Elizabeth Bennett! I really had my doubts about her, especially after the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice, but I think she really played the role quite nicely. I love this book and am REALLY excited about this movie. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • Sarah

    I’ve read it and the film looks beautiful. Can’t wait!

    • Right there with you Sarah :)

  • ganesh

    @charlotte! LOL! my exact thoughts…the jutting mandible and lips is just too much for me….but i DO love these period pieces to bits so I will just have to tolerate it. ;)

    @shannon – i want to thank you from the very depths of my heart for your superb, witty, cheeky, intelligent, interesting, readable and grammatically correct writing skills. (bless her soul but Melissa could learn a thing or two or a thousand from you…)

    • ganesh, I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts– and thank you for SUCH a great compliment! We all have our own styles, I’m just glad mine is taking here. You PITNBrs are a tough crowd ;)