Watch: Britney Spears Says She Is A ‘Fair Judge’ On ‘The X Factor’


Earlier this week we saw photos of Britney Spears and her fellow judges in San Francisco, CA for a round of public auditions for The X Factor. Today we get to check out a really cool interview with our dear Britney about her role as judge. There has been a lot of talk about Britney’s judging capabilities but, at last, Brit goes on the record to speak for herself. Click below to watch the video and see what you think of Britney Spears as a judge on The X Factor.

As The X Factor’s new crop of judges travels the country in search of talented singers for the competition’s second season, Britney Spears has proved to be a tough judge who isn’t immune to the intense moments of emotional auditions. “I think I’m a fair judge,” says Spears, 30, who spoke after the show’s San Francisco stop. “Sometimes it’s hard because I know what they’ve been through and being so young and [wanting to] achieving their dreams.” The superstar says she tries to be honest yet gentle with contestants, whose musical aspirations are on the line. “It’s such a subtle and delicate situation when they’re that young,” she says, “so you just have to use constructive criticism and be there for them and just show them support.” As for her tough side, Spears says “tough” is a relative term. “I don’t think I’m the toughest judge at all,” she says. “I definitely think Simon would have to be the toughest judge.” So what does it take to impress Spears? “I’m really just looking for [someone who] shows spark and spunk and someone that’s meant to do what they’re doing and it shows.”

This is a great clip. I think a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised when the new season of The X Factor debuts this September. I have a good feeling that Britney will bring a fun element to the show and I cannot wait to see her in action. Anyone who knows me knows that I have zero interest in these kinds of competitive singing reality shows … but the inclusion of Britney Spears as judge makes The X Factor must-watch for me. I can’t WAIIIIITTTTTT!!! I hope we get to see more video clips like this because, as I said, I know many people will be impressed with what Britney has to offer.

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  • Dana

    I LOVE Brit, but she still looks so nervous on camera! I hope she continues to relax and become more comfortable during interviews.

  • Sarah

    I agree, she does seem nervous but that is warranted taking into account the past few years. She was beaten down by the press and there are a lot of people who have a less then stellar perception of her. Everything from nail biting to parenting skills is free to scrutinize when it comes to her. It’s gotta be nerve racking to speak to the press.

    I am rooting for her and I hope she gets back in the swing of things and gains more confidence speaking to the press.

  • I actually thought this was a relatively comfortable Britney! I didn’t watch last season at all but I definitely will be watching this time around JUST to see my girl do the damn thang.

  • katelyne

    I think Britney looked the most comfortable we have seen her in a long time! And I think she will only continue to grow in confidence. Also, look at that ROCK! Love her!

  • Alex

    w0000t!! I agree! Britney looks NORMAL for the first time in a looooong time! (can’t even remember when was the last time…! around the K-Fed era, probably?)… I mean, she’s actually EXPRESSING herself in a fluent way! (rather than sprouting random words like a controlled robot)… AND she’s not doing that super annoying nasal voice that she had been doing all the time for the last few years. I’m so happy! Hopefully it will stay like this!

    • JCZ

      Whilst it was obviously edited, if you want to define it as ‘normal’ her documentary ‘For the Record’ seemed genuine and very much herself. She didn’t have that accent you’re referring to and judging by Brit in her earlier years, she sounds very Southernly which is how she normally speaks.

      It’s just confidence I think and she is gaining it back more and more. From Circus to Femme Fatale, her tours, more promo I guess. Even her last few red carpet appearances at events and the X-Factors you can see radical changes in how comfortable she is looking. She has never been one to appear heaps comfortable on the red carpet anyway – she isn’t a poser – but that’s Brit, she is just a genuine person and doesn’t scrub off as fake in anyway.

  • BradywantsMoore

    Aww she looked and sounded great! I fucking love her always have!! I can’t wait for her to show all the haters what’s up when X FACTR airs

  • cmc

    She sounded good. She looks a little nervous, sure, but she’s warming up to the camera! I’m very pleasantly surprised. I feel weirdly protective of Brit, so although I wish she weren’t doing something so live and public, I’ll be watching and rooting for her!

  • Zach Rickel

    I also thought this is the most comfortable, laidback Britney we’ve seen in a long time!

  • Louigi12

    YES!! This is our girl. In addition to looking and sounding more comfortable in this interview, she also seems more mature — in a good way. Loves it. Go Brit!

  • britneycurious

    Actually Demi was the nervous one… her voice is even shaking! The other judge – kill me but i dont know his name.. – was the one who defused the situation.