Watch: 2 Chainz And Drake Drop The ‘No Lie’ Video


nti- 2 Chainz PITNBrs beware. 2 Chainz is in his No Lie video (the first off of his debut album, Based on a T.R.U. Story) doing everything very um 2 Chainz-y. He’s being tall and lanky; he’s dancing like someone who doesn’t realize he’s tall and lanky. And he’s got that flow that kind of hits, but then again kind of doesn’t…? I for one enjoy watching him be 2 Chainz-y, but others may wanna take a pass. Still, Director X gets a little artsy with a black and white video that’s slightly reminiscent of Kanye’s Mercy (also featuring 2 Chainz), at least in terms of visual simplicity. Watch Drake say bad things about Rihanna (unless he was talking about a different Grammy-Award winner) inside.


2 Chainz feat. Drake: No Lie


First things first. Does ANYBODY other than me find 2 Chainz to be more adorable than dangerous (either to the world or to the game of rap)? He’s SO funny to me! Plus I’m proud of him for changing his name to 2 Chainz (from Tity Boy aka Tity 2 Chainz). Smart move.

But then again, I’m also disappointed. Back in his mixtape days I remember thinking, there’s no way he’ll make it with a name like that. But I thought the same thing about ya boy Waka Flocka Flame, and he proved me wrong. Sometimes, I kinda wish 2 Chainz had done the same and stuck with his original– albeit ridiculous name– but oh well.

What do you guys think of the video’s look? Hip-Hop getting too artsy for ya? I think they did fine– they balanced the artsy out with girls writhing about on off-white rugs. Speaking of girls. Who the hell was Ms. Thickness in there– the one who popped up during the last verse??? If this were back in the day when Video Girls ruled the world she’d give Melyssa Ford a run for her money. Alas, it’s not 1998, and Video Girls still confuse me. You know, as a concept (like seriously, why are they doing this?). BUT if there must be video girls (and apparently there must be), I do prefer it when the girls appear separate from the rappers, and that kind of happens in No Lie. At least they have their own space then. Lol, excuse me– I haven’t quite worked out my theories on Video Girl feminism.

But overall, I enjoyed the video. Especially the part with 2 Chainz skateboarding (2:15, if you missed it). More of that please. With paint dripping all around. Gotta have that candy paint drip.


Watch 2 Chainz on ESPN. Why? Because it’s 2 Chainz and Skip Bayless. Only good can come of this. More Tity Boy 2 Chainz in the gallery.

  • MoNate

    Yougave been AWOL all weekend. Glad you back.
    I heart 2chainz . I don’t like the way he raps but that brother is tall and I love me some tall men.

    • MoNate I was given a few days off, SORRY! I’m back :) Lol, I hear you about 2 Chainz.

  • Sabrina

    Drake can do no wrong in my eyes! I heart him!

  • Sabrina, I still remember when he first started rapping. I was so skeptical (Degrassi was my guilty pleasure), but he has shown and proved! Thanks for the comment.

  • fmx

    It’s about time 2chainz did a solo video so people can have a better look into his vision instead of LVuitton again. And lol @ Drake & lie detector.

    • fmx, yes! I loved the lie detector bit.

  • Anthony

    That wasn’t 2 chainz skateboarding. That was that random black dude who appears on the camera at the same time.

  • DeAndre

    who was the thick girl in that video?

    • Shannon

      Cyn Santana :)