Summer Swimsuit Round-Up: 30 Looks Under $50


Some of you may have hit the beach already, but today is the official first day of summer (hence the heat wave in Nyack, NY) and I will not have my PITNBrs out there looking ratchet… There. I finally did it. I used the word ‘ratchet’ in a sentence. It feels about as bad as I thought it would. Non-ratchet swimsuits from Asos and American Apparel inside. Gotta go wash out my mouth.

Shouts out to all of our readers in Canada, Australia, and the U.K. Asos and American Apparel ship to all ya’ll, which is why I chose their stores as my go-tos for this post. Plus their stuff is cute. Below, peep 30 swimsuits for under $50. Ok, like, two of them are $53 or something but you’ll know which ones those are. They’ll have three dollar bill signs next to them: $$$

Lol, just kidding. Now that would be ratchet (oh no! this word is growing on me!). But seriously, check these out. And all of you who are insane enough to be pregnant in the summer (kinda like I was… twice), I didn’t forget you. Peep the top of page three ;)

One final thing. All swimsuits labeled “MINE” are, well, mine. Their designs speak to me on a physical and emotional level, thus I have included them or viewing purposes only. If I catch any one of you rocking these on Venice Beach, Miami Beach, or Cape Cod it will be beyond awkward.

Enjoy! And feel free to declare your “MINE”s in the comments.

1. ASOS Lattice Cut Out Beaded Suit
Simple black swimsuit, with a few twists and tugs. $49 at Asos

2. River Island Bright Ditsy Floral Tie Front Bikini
Tiny, painted bikini flowers make life happy. $43 at Asos

3. Grid Print Strapless Cut-Out

And now, the tough decisions in life: white or blue? $45 at American Apparel

4. Snake Print Cut-Out

Be the first person you know with a snake-skin, backless swimsuit. $43 at Asos

5. ASOS Global Stripe Tie Waist Swimsuit

MINE. You know what to do. Look but don’t touch. $49 at Asos

6. Nylon Tricot Maillot-V

You’ll want that head scarf, or something comparable. $31 at American Apparel

7. Nylon Tricot Hooded Swimsuit

Mark Zuckerberg’s future daughter. $48 at American Apparel

 8. ASOS Printed Macrame Detail Halter Bikini Top

Who says bikinis can’t be abstract? $49 at Asos

 9. River Island Scarf Print Bustier Bikini Top

Sexiest granny bottoms ever. $53 at Asos

10. ASOS Color Block Wrap Swimsuit

When two-tone goes right. $49 at Asos

  • Tifa

    Expanding our content offerings, I see.

    • Tifa, yes! Very much yes :)

  • Veronica

    I am such a fan of the high-waisted bottoms. $20 is my favorite! Great post!

    • Veronica, thanks for the comment! I didn’t know I was a fan of them until I did this post, lol. Super cute.

  • LaToya

    I used to shop on Asos years ago and stopped…no particular reason. My fav suits on this list seem to be from them, so i may be making a return….actually this is a great list except the AA stuff, just not my style. Love that deep plunging neck one!

    • LaToya, thanks for the comment. AA can be weird, right? I like a lot of their stuff though, and they came through for me when I was prego (all their material is stretchy, lmao). But ASOS is THE ISH!!! Come back!