Lil Wayne ‘Explains’ Why He Pulled Nicki Minaj Out Of Summer Jam


istening to Lil Wayne pretend to explain his reasons for taking Nicki Minaj off of the Hot 97 Summer Jam line-up was probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever had to experience. And I refuse to experience it alone. Listen to his faux-explanation with me inside. Warning: excessive use of the word ‘female.’



Lil Wayne Explains His Executive Decision to MTV News

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Let me preface my forthcoming mini-rant by unapologetically saying that– and I’ve mentioned this before– there was a time when my life kind of revolved around Lil Wayne and his music. The Dedication is not a mix tape, it’s a legend and Weezy F. Baby was a genius of the South in my book. That being said… I hope to never hear him explain himself.. about anything. Ever again. “First and foremost Nicki Minaj is a female.” ???? No. Nicki Minaj is a performer, first and foremost and she had a job to do. She didn’t do it because somebody made fun of her?


Nicki Minaj also attempted to ‘explain’ this decision to Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex and, although I didn’t make it through their entire discussion, it was far more interesting and more realistic than what Weezy had to say. Well Funkmaster Flex was more realistic. Nicki also talked a lot about being a woman, and I’m still confused as to how her gender had so much to do with this. But Weezy, with his 27 kids and 27 baby mamas (ok, it’s four kids and four baby mamas) would like me to believe that he believes “females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how.” Ok. Yeah. NO.


Now I don’t know what happened; I don’t know why Nicki Minaj didn’t perform. From what I heard, many people at Hot 97 were skeptical about whether or not she was actually going to hit the stage before the incident even happened (where Steve Rosenberg from Hot 97 “disrespected” her); so a lot of people felt like she used Steve’s diss against Starships as an excuse to not perform. That, to me, sounds far more believable than the notion that Lil’ Wayne just has waaaaaayyyyyy too much respect for ‘females’ to let one be disrespected. Because he respects females. Sooo much. Right. My Lil Tunechi is a lot of things, but guardian of the feminine mystique he is not. At least not in this moment. He was on This What I Call Her. Even though he uses the word ‘female’ on that song.

Lil Wayne about to make it rain at Miami strip club, King Of Diamonds


Sidenote: you may or may not have noticed that ‘female’ is a word that I loathe to hear; I seriously find it to be as obnoxious and derogatory as ‘bitch,’ depending on the circumstance. Not the word to use when you’re trying to prove any sort of love or positive affection towards women.

Side sidenote: I still love Lil Wayne. I just can’t with this.

Is it just me, or do many artists make asses of themselves the minute they start to ‘explain’ things? Or am I being totally unfair and clearly dealing with my personal Lil Wayne issues and disappointments (mainly concerning his decision to scatter his seed across America) via this Summer Jam issue?


Please guys, sometimes we just want you to make (and perform) your music. Even this kind of music:

  • Jacqui

    This song is awfulsome. I need more information on what the “disrepect” was.

    • Jacqui, during Summer Jam Pete Rosenberg (from Hot 97) was on stage and made a reference to ‘Starships’ as wack and said something about how he was about ‘real hip-hop’ not that Starships ish. Nicki felt disrespected, as the Summer Jam headliner, and Weezy pulled her, along with all of Young Money from the show as a result.

  • MoNate

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    The female reason was just well BS. He had yo look for an excuse and female was one.
    If he wants to shoe he respects women maybe he should clean up the language in his music I mean bitch this bitch that isn’t a great way to show respect to women


    I use to love weeezy but after the travesty of his last album I don’t know anymore

    • MoNate, I hear you. This was a lot of ridiculousness, I think. But I’m always looking forward to new music from him so I hope he comes through.

  • Sam

    I had to review his album “Rebirth” and, boy, was it fun. That was one the worst albums I ever heard that year, maybe that decade. Awfulness just stimulates my creative juices!

    As for the “disrespect”, anyone who thinks Starships has ANYTHING to do with hip-hop is pure delusional.

    • Krissy

      “As for the “disrespect”, anyone who thinks Starships has ANYTHING to do with hip-hop is pure delusional.”

      I couldn’t agree more. Kudos to the DJ for actually respecting MUSIC enough to try and protect it. It wasn’t a pop concert that they were at, and if Nicki is going to try and straddle both genres she is going to have to expect some blowback from that.

    • Sam, where can we read your reviews? And yeah, I’m still confused as to what Young Money was mad about. And everyone knows Rosenberg looooves underground hip-hop and all that jazz.

  • Joanna

    Can Lil Wayne be more of an ass? He should never talk about anything again ever that doesn’t revolve around making music or his record label. The situation is what it is and it doesn’t seem like Nicki Minaj fans are loosing sleep over the whole thing.

    • Joanna, my thoughts exactly. No more talking please from Lil Wayne!

  • Jennifer

    I hate hate hate it when students write about women by referring to them as females in essays. It’s like we’re some sort of species rather than people.

  • LaToya

    I feel a bit sorry for him ( pity really) since he clearly thinks he is making a statement about standing up for women but instead comes off incredibly inarticulate. He really should not speak…….

    • LaToya, I think he thought he would try to say something that we’d all respect. Like, oh, nobody will disagree with me if I say it’s about respecting women! Silliness.

  • Alys

    He would do much better to keep his trap shut and if he has to say anything, say he supports Nicki’s decisions — firstly as a professional, then as her friend.

    • Alys, thank you– it could all be so simple, right? Silly Weezy.

  • PixiesBassline

    Shannon, I just have to say that I loved reading that post. The way you conveyed your disgust was hilarious. :)

  • PixiesBassline, thank you! I’m trying to be… cordial over here, lol.

  • Sarah

    Nikki minaj sucks and starships is pop not hip hop