First Look: Disney/Pixar Releases Four Teaser Trailers For ‘Monsters University’


At last! The much-anticipated sequel film to Monsters, Inc. is ready for release … er, next year. But today we get our first look at 4 slightly different teaser trailers that give us our first taste of what’s to come in June of 2013. Monsters University is a prequel film where the action takes place before the action of Monsters, Inc. Click below to watch the different variations of the film’s first teaser trailer and I dare you not to laugh.

LOL! I am a huge fan of Monsters, Inc. and this new prequel film looks very cute and very funny. Of the variant gags in the teasers above, I think the one that made me laugh the most was the Pony one :) Which one do you like best? Oh and are you DYING that this film is finally set for release?


  • Monsters, Inc.!!! One of my faves!!! This looks like so much fun.

  • So dying! Monsters Inc is one of my all time favorite movies!!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I can’t freaking wait for this!

  • nicole

    ohhh i cant wait! looks good

  • Nicole

    I had no idea this was happening, and I couldn’t be happier! My two year old asks for “Monsters” every morning (she watches a movie with breakfast while I get ready for work). More Monsters can only be a good thing at our house :)

    • @Nicole — OMG, LOVE IT. Can I come over for breakfast sometime ;) xo

    • Nicole

      Anytime! But you have to come to Canada for that ;)