Angelina Jolie Surfaces In Costume On The Set Of ‘Maleficent’


Yesterday we got our first look at Angelina Jolie in character as Maleficent in the big screen adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty-inspired film of the same name. Today, we get to see Angelina in costume as Maleficent on the set of the film. In yesterday’s post, I lamented the fact that Maleficent might be filmed totally on a soundstage, meaning that we might not get to see on set photos of the film. Clearly, I was wrong. Principle filming has begun in England and, therefore, candid photos have come to light. Check them out below.

Everyone knows that a hair and make-up team are always on standby on a film set, but some stars need it more than others. Angelina Jolie is certainly in need of regular touch-ups for her latest role and was spotted being pampered on the set of Maleficent in Buckinghamshire today. The 37-year-old has taken on the role of evil sorcess Maleficient in an adaptation of Sleeping Beauty and to do so, she has undergone something of a transformation. Angelina was seen in the middle of a field today in full costume as she continued to film scenes for the upcoming Disney movie. Wearing a long brown cape and black horns, the actress was spied having her make-up retouched by a female artist while a male member of the crew dealt with her long brunette hair. It was only yesterday that fans got a sneak peek of Angelina’s character and what they can expect from the fairytale film. Wearing a leather horned headdress, and yellowed contacts, the actress was also given a bit of help in the cheek department with the addition of some Lady Gaga-style cheek prosthetics. Angelina plays the title role in the updated version of Disney’s 1959 animated feature Sleeping Beauty and of her costuming she said: ‘We’re experimenting with different things. But the horns are the horns — you can’t deny them. You have to have horns.’ In this updated version, the focus of the film centres on the events that hardened Maleficent’s heart, leading her to curse the baby Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), played by Elle Fanning. Angelina told EW: ‘It’s not anti-princess, but it’s the first time they’re looking at this epic woman. I hope in the end you see a woman who is capable of being many things, and just because she protects herself and is aggressive, it doesn’t mean she can’t have other [warmer] qualities.’ As a woman who is used to dividing opinion, Angelina was clearly attracted to taking on such a ‘imperfect’ character. She said: ‘It sounds really crazy to say that there will be something that’s good for young girls in this, because it sounds like you’re saying they should be a villain. [Maleficent] is actually a great person. But she’s not perfect. She’s far from perfect.’

I am really glad I was wrong about the soundstage thing because now I’m really excited to see more from the set of the film. Angelina Jolie will make an excellent Maleficent. She really knows how to rock those horns right. This is an exciting first look from the set … I hope we get to see more soon and often ;)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • PixiesBassline

    I’ve never been a big Angeline Jolie fan but I think this is a role I will enjoy seeing her play. I like the way she looks for it and I think she will do well at playing Maleficent. It’s not her typical type of film. Now that I think about it, seeing her in more Disney movies would be cool.

  • debra

    I so love her and am looking forward to seeing her. 2014 seem so far away.

    she is not just acting in this but is Executive Producing. Go girl. I think she is going to be great.