Alec Baldwin Punches a Papparazzo (Allegedly)


Oh, Alec. Everything you needed to know about life you should have learned in kindergarten; i.e. keep your hands to yourself even when the paparazzi are snapping hella pics outside of the courthouse where you and your fiancé are getting married. The not-so-unbelievable deets from yesterday’s incident (and today’s That-Ish-Cray Of The Day!) are inside guys.

Alec Baldwin and fiance Hilaria Thomas were on their way into a lower Manhattan office to make it official. After getting their marriage license (uh, CONGRATS!), Alec spotted a photographer from the NY Daily News. The photographer, Marcos Santos, claims that Alec lost it when he saw him and the other photographers taking pictures of the couple on their big day and started coming at Marcos. And then Alec punched him (allegedly) in the face. Which is kind of exactly what looks like happened in that pic. And this one looks pretty bad for Alec too.

Funny then, that Alec would tweet these later that day:


So who do ya’ll believe? A picture’s worth a thousand words and tweets, only 140 characters… lol. NYPD is investigating and the photographer is clearly pressing charges– does he have the right to?

I love me some Alec Baldwin (ahhhh 30 Rock… ahhh State and Main!), but he has been known to uh lose him some temper. There was the cell phone on the plane incident last year (American Airlines kicked him off of the flight for refusing to turn off his cell phone… he was playing a really important game), and remember the awful v-mail he left on his daughter Ireland’s phone? Nothing like being called a “rude, thoughtless little pig” by Papa Baldwin.

Still, it was his wedding day-ish. Do you guys think he had ample reason to get Cray? And how ’bout that Trayvon Martin reference? Too soon? I think so. Kind of, very much un-related as well.

And poor Hilaria! Probably, not quite the wedding day she’d been dreaming of. Shouts-out to her.

Fun fact: Hilaria and Alec met at a vegan restaurant.


  • ganesh

    what an absolute 100% asshole this guy is! and she’s a yoga teacher preaching all sorts of “let’s love eachother and get along” shyte! guess the allure of his money and A-level celebrity lifestyle is more important than the fact that she married a P.I.G. Have fun with that Hilaria.

  • LOL, I hear you ganesh. Maybe she can get Alec enrolled in a yoga class or something. Couples yoga, even?

  • Meghan

    As we have seen in the past, Alec has a temper problem so I don’t totally believe him when he says it was a the paps fault. He really needs some anger management classes.

    • @Meghan — I totally agree. The man seems to lose control easily.

    • Katie

      I agree. But the pap probably knows that too & I wouldn’t put it past someone to get a little too close trying to get a story like this.

  • Kiki

    Well they were only picking up their license so it wasn’t their wedding day. But he does need to calm himself down before the actual wedding so that he doesn’t ruin that day! Can you imagine if the paps show up then?! Oy!

    • Good point, Kiki. Changed ‘wedding day’ to ‘wedding day-ish.’

  • Hannah

    The problem is even if the photographer was initially too close and being a dick he still wins, as they have the photos of Alec blowing up and he now has a bigger story to sell. I can imagine it would be annoying being followed around like that but Alec has been in the public eye long enough to know better, especially considering his track record.

    • Kiki

      I think maybe Alec should hire his own photographer to follow him around and document how the paps treat him. That way he’ll have his own evidence, too.

  • Krissy

    I can’t help it,I have some major Alec-bias going on. He just cracks me up, and I have a hard time getting mad at him even when he acts like a jerk.

    Part of it probably has to do with the fact that I am tired of paparazzi acting like victims. They DO get in people’s faces, they DO shove and push, they DO harass children and adults a like. Then they act like complete and utter babies if someone tells them to step off. Like the Beiber incident. I am not a Bieber fan at all, but the pap took Selena’s phone after she dropped it. Beib went to get it back, and then the pap goes to the HOSPITAL because he was supposedly beat up by 80lb. Beiber? They just have no shame.

    • Krissy, I’m glad you’re bringing this up. We’ve seen the paps go waaayyy overboard before. Although they have a job to do, it’s sometimes hard to see them as mere victims.

  • Prudence

    Good for Alec. More of these paparazzis need to get their clocks cleaned. While it’s true he is a celebrity it doesn’t mean that personal space doesn’t exist. I would love to see how these “photographers” would act if the tables were turned and they had cameras in their faces and their children are being chased.

    Nice of the idiots to take the victim defence…pathetic.

    Go Alec, next time kick some serious butt!

    • @Prudence — I couldn’t disagree more. People cannot go around breaking the law and assaulting other people. Physically assaulting others who may be in the wrong is the most irresponsible thing possible. It’a lesson learned in kindergarten, two wrongs do not make a right. Since Alec didn’t learn his lesson in school, he will likely learn it in civil court.


    @Trent – yes but three rights make a left. I love quoting Caddyshack