Watch: Ryan Gosling Sings & Dances During A Talent Show In 1991


So … the world is pretty much in love with Ryan Gosling, right? Well, the world ain’t seen nothin’ yet. A home video has been making the rounds that features a young Ryan Gosling performing during a talent show back in 1991 that takes his cute factor to a whole new level. As you can see below, Ryan serenades the audience with his rendition of the Percy Sledge classic When A Man Loves A Woman. Then he and his sister Mandi but a few moves with a dance routine set to C+C Music Factory’s hit song Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). Folks, Ryan Gosling is wearing MC Hammer pants, what more do you need to know? Check out the performance video below. Oh, and you’re welcome.

In 1991, an adorable kid in Hammer pants took to the stage at a Mormon talent show to belt out “When A Man Loves a Woman” and get extremely funky to “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now.)” That kid was none other than future Oscar nominee and Internet meme Ryan Gosling. Yes, in a video recently uploaded to YouTube, baby Gosling croons “When A Man Loves a Woman” (the Michael Bolton cover version, we assume) then does a choreographed dance routine with his sister Mandi to the sounds of C+C Music Factory. Matching outfits are involved. Gosling would bring his skills to a much larger audience in 1993 when he was cast of Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Club.” The video’s uploader, my new hero Rossana Odar, said in a message she was at the show and filmed the footage herself. Fair warning: The video may make you feel many things, including happiness and second-hand embarrassment.

OMG … I just can’t with this … this is just too damn much. The hair, the clothing, the swagger … this video is everything 90’s … AND it stars Ryan Gosling. In the grand scheme of the history of mankind, this could possibly be the most important thing that human eyes have ever seen. Words cannot describe … I’m just … it’s … wow. I mean … isn’t it?

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  • Sarah

    Best. Thing. Ever.

  • PeaButNutter

    Like really, he couldn’t get any freakin’ cuter! Also, the 90’s were so much (cheesy, good) fun.

  • Anna

    Best 3 1/2 minutes of my day

  • brittany

    My ovaries just exploded…damn.

    • Lauri

      Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

  • Jen

    No fair! It’s telling me the video is private. Wahhhhh!

  • Joon

    Me too. :( bummer

  • nicole

    just when you thought he couldnt get any cuter – this video pops up

  • Lashes2004

    Ah man it says its private for me too:-( What a tease, haha. It sounds hilarious though

    • @Everyone — The video embed has been replaced, it should work for all now :)

  • Sfmom

    Omg. I would have been sooo in love with him in 1991. Holy cow. Anna’s right. Best 31/2 minutes…possibly ever.

  • Megan

    I have an ear splitting grin right now. That completely made my day!

  • martooha

    reminds me of my own clothes back then :))))

    • @martooha — Hahaha! Actually, I had that haircut o_O

  • At first glance I would’ve sworn it was Macauley Culkin in this video.

  • Joon

    That was fabulous! I’ll be smiling all day now … Thanks for fixing the video!

  • BriK

    LOVE. I seriously still dance like this haha