Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Are Reportedly Having A Boy


Back in March we first learned that happily marrieds Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo got pregs with their first child. A couple of weeks later, we learned that Vanessa was planning to take a gender test and she expressed her hope to have a baby boy. It would seem that the fates heard her pleas because according to “sources close to the couple”, she and Nick are expecting the birth of a son.

It looks like the Lacheys can start buying blue baby clothes! In Touch can exclusively reveal that Nick and Vanessa are expecting a boy. Sources tell In Touch that the mom-to-be and her hubby are “so thrilled” to be having a son, as Vanessa wants him to be able to take care of his future siblings. And while they have been discussing names, they “haven’t picked one yet,” a friend of the couple tells In Touch. Vanessa has been quiet about the sex of her baby, but tweeted in March that she “always wanted a boy first.” The duo looks forward to expanding their family in Nick’s home city of Cincinnati.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure that I believe these sources dishing to In Touch Weekly magazine but, as always, these rumors have a 50/50 chance of being correct. The fact that Vanessa has already expressed her hope for a baby boy makes this story more marketable, if not plausible. Whether La-Nessa have a boy or a girl is irrelevant, as long as they have a healthy child I know that they will both be very, very happy. I suppose we shouldn’t really count on the arrival of Baby Boy Lachey until we hear something more official but, I guess there’s truly no harm here. It would be nice if Vanessa did get her wish by having the boy she wants.


  • apriljan

    ZOMG. Do you think that baby Maxwell and Baby Boy Lachey would/could be playmates?!?!?! I can only hope. Let bygones be bygones!

  • Shannon

    Maxwell and baby boy lachey sitting in a treeee

  • Courtney

    Don’t count on that Vanessa is Jealous of Jessica because she actually has talent. the gender of a child is a 50/50 shot Wade Woodward Jr for example had a son first Wade III born October 23rd 1924 then a Daughter Joanne born February 27th 1930 mind you Nick & Vanessa having their first child are a decade older & a few years older than Wade Woodward Jr & his wife Eleanor Gillisant Trimmier were when Joanne was born 82 years ago right Nick is 38 while Wade was 29 when Joanne born and Vanessa is 30 while Eleanor was 27 when Joanne Was born and Joanne was pregnant with her 2nd living child when she was Vanessa’s age correct Melissa was born 7 months after her mothers 31st birthday September 27th 1961 while Theresa Fetsko had her first son age 25 January 22nd 1924 and her 2nd aged 26 January 26th 1925 infact Theresa’s younger son Paul Married Joanne on January 29th 1958 and they stayed married until his death September 26th 2008

    • apriljan

      @Courtney … Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok?

  • Courtney

    @Apriljan I gave that as an example because Joanne is my favorite actress and you don’t have to agree me but what I said was true. love Nick but Vanessa has always grated on my nerves