A Fantastic Voyage-r


Last week I mentioned that I had started rewatching the entire Star Trek: Voyager series and yesterday I did a lot of TV watching. I had planned on getting out for a long run but I wasn’t feeling to great yesterday afternoon and then by the time I was up for it, I realized that my car is still damaged … and I’m not comfortable parking it in a lot while it’s so damaged. As a result, I settled in with my Voyager DVDs and did some damage.

I’m a few episodes into the third season so you Voyager fans should know that Kes is still alive and part of the Voyager crew and the Borg have yet to make their first appearance in the series. I have been reminded by the full first two seasons of the show just how much I love Star Trek: Voyager. While a few of the eps are kind of duds, most of them are so well written and acted that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself. Most people think of the Borg turned human character Seven of Nine (played by the amazing Jeri Ryan) when they think of ST: Voyager but the Borg element of the series was not yet present in the first three seasons of the show. I think it was very smart for the producers to air three seasons of non-Borg stories so that they could pull out their Ace card when the show needed a bit of a push. In any event, that’s what I did yesterday … not at all exciting but wholly fun for me ;)

Today, I need to run. Altho I won’t be able to get to the gym (no car still), I will get out on the streets and will run for it. I would love to get to the 11 mile mark but I’m not sure I can do long distances like that on the public streets of LA. Far too many street lights, horrible traffic and no way to have access to water may hinder my long runs on the road but … we’ll see.

I hope you all are having a fabulous Tuesday!

  • think about investing in a handheld camelbak or fuel belt! my handheld is fab…its much better to train outside then on the treadmill since you’ll be running your marathon outdoors :)

  • Sarah Alm

    My husband and I are geeking out on Stargate Atlantis these days so I totally understand.

    • @Sarah Alm — <3

  • Wynter

    Tom and B’Elanna were my first big TV couple.

  • NoahRan

    You’re a man after my own heat. LOVE Voyager so much! Season 5 is my fave!.

  • Lashes2004

    Im a big fan of The Next Generation series but never really watched Voyager but your posts about it lately have got me thinking about giving it a try. Ive been looking for a new show to get into lately anyways but is it really worth the investment in time & money? We have extremely similar tastes in all things entertainment so I completely trust ur judgement Trent:-)

    • @Lashes2004 — YES, watch Voyager. The first few seasons are a bit episodic (much like the first few seasons of TNG) but once the Borg stuff happens, it just becomes the perfect sci-fi series. I say, invest the $7.99 for a streaming Netflix subscription (which you can cancel at *any* time) and watch some eps of Voyager that way. Then you can judge if you wanna stick with it. If you have the time, you can prolly watch the entire series in a few months, which would only be about 8 bucks per month. TNG is my fave ST series, but Voyager is a very close second.

  • Lashes2004

    Thanks for the tip Trent! Ill definitely do that & keep up the good work. Ive been a big fan of ur site since I was 18yrs old & im 25 now so its been my daily dose of fun reading for yrs:-)

    • @Lashes2004 — xoxoxoxo lemme know what you think if you do start the series. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do :)

  • Lashes2004

    Ill definitely let u know what I think:-) Thanks again