San Francisco Has ‘The X Factor’ . . . And Our Dear Britney Spears


The competitive reality TV show The X Factor made their way to San Francisco, CA this past weekend to look for new talent in the hopes of finding contestants for their forthcoming second season. As you may know, The X Factor was in Missouri last week for auditions so the search for new stars has moved to the West Coast. New judge Britney Spears, I understand, was in fine form this weekend alongside her judging compatriots Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and Antonio L.A. Reid. Click below to check out some cute photos of the judges hard at work and watch a video shared by Britney’s fiancée Jason Trawick on her official Viddy profile.

#SFactor is bringing it – auditions are fierce today… RT @LA_Reid Day2 @TheXFactorUSA SanFrancisco auditions. Superstars where are you? / Great day2 in SanFrancisco @TheXFactorUSA. @britneyspears has brilliant one-liners. #Fun

These photos were shared on the official Twitter profile for The X Factor and they give us a taste of the fun that was had during the auditions. Britney posted this video on her Viddy profile:

As cute as this video clip is, I must point out A.) that is is really a promo ad for the Uber car service and B.) Jason is not a very good singer. At all. Still, I’m glad that Britwick continues to share these short video clips with fans. It’s really fun to see these two acting silly. I’m really happy to see and hear that things are going well on The X Factor tour across America. I am really looking forward to seeing the show once it hits the air this September.

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  • rOXy

    Brit is so golden. I’d totally hate to be sitting next to her. It would be like, hair? makeup? dress? why bother? LOL…love love love Jason!

  • Roland

    Is that her real hair without her weave?…

  • Mark

    So excited, can’t wait for Sept. 12th!!

  • nicole

    i like her hair, its cute. but lord that dress does not do the girl justice at all.

    • Roland

      Yeah it’s cute, was just wondering if thats her real hair because I don’t think we’ve seen her without extensions or a weave yet…but I could be mistaken.

    • Roland

      since she shaved it that is

    • nicole

      with the length i’d say theres a good chance that its her hair – maybe with some pieces added it for volume.

  • MM

    I was at the taping for X-Factor yesterday and I was pretty disappointed with how things went. I felt like Britney was largely ignored by her fellow judges and not treated like the superstar that she is. I don’t know if this was unique to San Francisco but it was pretty blatant. My friend went to the taping on Saturday and noticed the same thing.

    Also Demi Lovato turned out to be terribly obnoxious and immature and a HUGE attention hog. She acted like it was her show and talked over everyone – it was crazy. I’m not sure why, but she sat next to Simon instead of Britney during the judging and it was obvious that they were trying to play up that Simon/Paula dynamic where she was all jokey/flirty with him. It was icky since she is so young.

    I didn’t really think anything of the choice to have Demi as a judge before but now that I’ve seen how much they are playing her up over Britney, I now think it was a bad idea for Britney to join the show and that perhaps it is beneath her to be sitting next to Demi who hasn’t really earned the status to be a judge on a show like this. I did not get the sense at all that they are friends or even friendly either.

    As far as Britney herself, she did a pretty good job judging. She had good comments but they were very succinct and she didn’t show much personality. I was hoping she would be her usual sweet and adorable self but she was clearly holding back. It was kind of judge by numbers if that makes sense. I saw Jason and Larry Rudolph nearby but I didn’t get the sense that they were hovering or anything.

    Overall now that I’ve gotten a sense of the judging dynamic – I really think Britney should have skipped this gig. My fingers are firmly crossed that folks don’t give her a hard time once the show airs. After all she’s been through, my heart goes out to her and I just want her to get the love and respect she deserves.

    The one bright spot of the auditions was that the crowd showed a lot of love for Britney. They had signs and kept screaming “I love you Britney!” and she got the loudest cheers by far. I’m proud that my hood represented well for her!!

  • Miguel

    Poor Britney…she’s just being used to bring this show attention, at least she’ll get paid pretty good.