Nothing But A ‘Good’ Time


Yesterday afternoon, David and I met up with our friends Margaret, Michael and Sam for a hang session at a local microbrewery. Sam wanted to be near a TV so that he could keep an eye on the Oklahoma Thunder vs. Miami Heat basketball game and we wanted to be near an ample source of alcoholic beverages … so we decided to convene at Good in Silverlake.

Margaret brought her puppy Omar to hang out with us and David, of course, spent more time cooing over him than he spent paying the rest of us any attention. Good offers these amazing table top keg things where you can dispense your own drinks … and boy did we dispense ;) It was really fun getting to spend time with Mags and the boys. We don’t get to see them as much as we like. With a new Summer upon us, we are hoping to remedy the situation.

I don’t have any plans for today but I need to run. I’m thinking today will be a long run day for me … I broke the 10 mile mark on my last long run, let’s see how far I can go this time :) I hope YOU are having a great Monday!

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  • Janaegal

    David sure seems to love dogs! No dogs in your future?

    • @Janaegal — Never say never but we are not ideal pet owners.

  • Usually love your News section but maybe reconsider your use of the word “douche” please

  • rOXy

    Your food pictures are the best. Good sounds like a great place for a So Cal summer Sunday. Good weather, good food, good friends, good puppy, good times!