Joe Manganiello Surfaces Shirtless In South Beach


Joe Manganiello, the star of True Blood and the forthcoming male stripper film Magic Mike (which hits theaters next week), has made his way to South Beach, FL to do a bit of promo work for his new film … but not in the conventional way. Yes, Joey Man sat down for a few interviews but it was his visit to the beach where his promo skills were really at their peak. Check out a few shirtless photos of Joe Manganiello at the beach this weekend and be reminded why you might want to buy a ticket to see Magic Mike in theaters next week.

Well … isn’t this a nice thing to see on a Monday morning … or any other morning … afternoon … or night ;) I’ve been a fan of Manganiello’s since his debut on True Blood — not only because of his striking physique but also because … um … well, OK, yeah, that’s really the main reason. Still, he does an excellent job bringing the werewolf character Alcide to life on TB and I’m sure he will do an excellent job bringing his Big Dick Richie character to life in Magic Mike. Ahem. But, before the movie hits theaters, let’s take another look at some of these new beach photos:

We are just days away from the release of Magic Mike but I’m sure there is still a bit of promo work to be had before the movie opens on June 29. I wonder what else Manganiello and his Magic Mike compatriots plan to do to promote their male stripper film. I can’t wait to find out.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • rOXy

    Ye Gods! Those pics are better than a gallon of coffee to get the blood flowing. NICE POST!

  • Adrian

    If I look at the picture and hit myself on the head hard enough at the same time, I can be on that beach right now.

  • Revan Vampir

    LMAO at Adrian and Roxy.

    Sweet Jeezus. It got hella-hot up in here all of a sudden. (wipes excess drool from chin)

  • nicole

    every time i see him – even while watching True Blood – all i can think of is ‘Big Dick Richie’. i have a feeling that character is going to stick with him for awhile lol

  • Shannon

    He is just ridiculous. Liked it better when he had short hair though on HIMYM

  • Will

    This guy is hotter than fire, but True Blood on the other hand… is a mess!
    Seriously… WTF happened to that series!? Too many story-lines! So much is going on at the same time that it’s getting really hard to care about the characters.

  • Tracy

    OH MY! The best looking thing on TB hands down. Looking at those pictures I swear it looked like he was moving in slow motion.

  • Holy. FUCK.