Giuliana & Bill Rancic Announce, It’s A Boy!


Back in April we learned the joyous news that E! News correspondant Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill are expecting the birth of their first child! As you may know, Giuliana and Bill conceived their child via gestational surrogacy, which means that the baby is biologically theirs but it will be carried to term in the womb of a surrogate mother. Late yesterday, Giuliana shared the happy news that the couple are expecting a baby boy! Click below to read the full text of Giuliana’s ecstatic baby announcement.

It is so exciting to finally be able to share the great news with everyone that we are having a…..BOY!!!!! Yay!!! We revealed the news to family and friends at our baby shower today. Everyone was so excited! Shower was so much fun. It was coed and kids were welcome too! Thank you @Playskool for the fab Rocktivity toys!! I can’t wait to rock out with Baby Rancic and the new Rocktivity toys! And that learn ‘N Pop Lion is too cute! The cupcakes and amazing cake were beyond delicious and we even had a perfume bar where guests could create their own scent. Mindy Weiss, our baby shower planner, created the most amazing ambiance. What an incredible day!!!

As you can tell by the number of exclamation points in this announcement, Giuliana seems to be very excited by her news. I know that Giuliana and Bill have been hoping for a child for so long and after her successful cancer treatment last year, they are more than ready to start the next chapter in their lives as parents. I continue to be moved and inspired by Giuliana and Bill’s story of perseverance and hope. I wish them all the best as they await the arrival of thier baby boy. I’m just so happy for the both of them, isn’t this the best news ever?


  • Lisa Lisa

    I just love them! I’m so excited for them, they have waited so long for this baby!

  • Sarah

    I agree Trent – this is the best news ever! I’m so happy and excited for them. I love how Giuliana is already calling her soon to be son, Baby Ranic! So cute :)

  • jr

    love them….he seems to be the MOST amazing partner and husband.

    all the best to them!!!

  • Tracy

    I’m beyond excited for Bill and Giuliana I wish them all the best.

    I just want to say I had a feeling they were having a boy YAY!

  • Rus

    Had this funny feeling that it might be a boy since Bill always wanted to coach a sports team :-)

  • Kelly

    Love them!

  • PetaF

    Awww this is just so amazing to hear :) I LOVE these two, im so happy for them! Can’t wait too see baby Rancic, he’s going to be so so so loved.

  • shannon m.

    Their baby is gonna have some pretty white teeth ;)