Happy Father’s Day From Hugh Jackman


Today is Father’s Day here in the US and to celebrate many of us are honoring our fathers both near and far. The same is true, undoubtedly, in the world of celeb dads … as you can well imagine. Over the weekend, daddy Hugh Jackman was spotted with his son Oscar Maximilian in NYC, NY and by the looks of it, the pair were engaged in a meaningful bit of quality time. The photos below show us exactly what Father’s Day is all about … those quite moments when dads do what dads do best.

He recently admitted that the thing he treasures most are ‘everyday moments’ with his family. And today Hugh Jackman was doing just that as he spent the day with his son Oscar, 12, walking their pet dog Dali. The Wolverine star seemed to be giving his son a pep talk as they strolled along the banks of the Hudson River in New York City. The actor, who recently wrapped shooting the film adaptation of Les Miserables, talked to Parade Magazine about his favourite parts of being a dad ahead of Father’s Day tomorrow. ‘The things that I really cherish are the everyday moments, like sitting around cooking pancakes together on Sunday morning, or getting home after a tough day and my kids come up and give me a hug and remind me what’s really important,’ he said. ‘On Friday nights, we will all sit down and watch a movie together and cuddle up. It’s more everyday stuff that really is the goal.’ Hugh also revealed that Oscar does not like his father being in the spotlight: ‘My son is 12 and he just wants me to be dad. He doesn’t want me to be famous,’ he said. ‘He doesn’t like when people come up to me on the street. He would much prefer if nobody knew who I was.’ The Australian actor added: ‘Although, I have seen him in social situations when he didn’t think I was listening, and he once said to a girl, “Well, my dad is Wolverine.” So when it came to try to talk to this girl, apparently it came in handy!’

Aww … poor Oscar. He’s gotten so big and is surely at the age where he is very aware of his father’s fame and, clearly, is not a fan of sharing his dad with anyone else. I do love that he seems OK with his dad’s fame when it becomes useful for him but, yeah, I’m sure any kid would be jealous of the time that other people get with their dads. Still, it sounds like Hugh does a pretty good job of being as present with his family as possible. We have seen countless photos of Hugh in daddymode with his children no matter where in the world they may be, whether he is working or not. These photos of Hugh and Oscar remind us just how awesome our dad’s can be. Naturally, some dads are more amazing than others …

… ahem, but I’m not one to play favorites :) Happy Father’s Day to all!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • nicole

    is it just me, or does it look like Oscar might be getting into a bit of trouble?

    Trent, that picture of you is just freak adorable! i just want to pinch your cheeks!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Omg, could you BE any cuter?

  • Shannon

    Looks like Oscar is throwing some shade Hugh’s way. And omg at little Trent you were/are so adorable!

  • Kel

    Can we talk about your perfectly styled hair in that pic for a minute??! So cute!