A KiKi Has Been Had


Yesterday was a very fun Saturday for me. In the early AM, I enjoyed my first official day of marathon training. In the afternoon, David and I attended a “man shower” wedding shower for our friends Gray and Jeff. Last night, Ollie, Josh and I made our way to the Hollywood Palladium to see Scissor Sisters in concert. Yes, it was a bizzy day but also a really superfun day, too.

Like any wedding shower, games, food and gifts were to be had. With Gray and Jeff holding court, we all had the best time ever. We got to meet some of their friends, who are all really lovely people. The whole shower was just really fun. And I think we managed to steal a few ideas for any future plans that David and I will be making :)

Last night, it was time for Scissor Sisters. I’ve seen the band a few times over the years so I was prepared for how much fun the show was going to be. Ollie, a newer fan, had never seen the band live before so she wasn’t ready:

The Sisters were in rare form last night. The whole concert felt like a party, a big ol’ gay prom. Ollie was in heaven! Despite my better judgement, I drank more last night than I should’ve but it was worth it. So much fun! Afterward, Josh took us backstage to hang out for a bit with his friend and former Starbucks coworker Ana Matronic. She was an absolute doll, I loved meeting her finally :)

Today, I think we’re gonna take it easy. I’m hoping to hang out with our friend Margaret and maybe newlyweds Josh and Emma too (who we haven’t seen since they returned home from their honeymoon). Again, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Sunday!!

  • dclover

    Trent, you have inspired me to run. I’m starting from almost zero physical activity, not so great diet, and absolute no running experience but I remember that you weren’t an avid runner either until, well…until you started running,lol :) Any recommendations?

  • schmee

    You have no idea how jealous I am about you meeting Ana Matronic. Lucky guy :P

  • Bounds

    Scissor Sisters good. Baby, Come Home is frankly the only track I like on their new album. Shame on me, but I like what I like and that’s the piano honky tonk riff they did on their first album. A tinge of Pink Floyd(yes, the cover but also elsewhere) and the gay bathhouse swagger. Each album since feels like every song was recorded in the sane session. Tonally similar and a little lazy in complexity. No layers of flavor. Sort of expected synth beats. No real going for new ground. It’s cool. I’m always open to hear their new work.