• Glen CoCo-Franco

    Philly philly….philly where i am from…..

  • jamie

    I love Eve. it makes me laugh when i have scorpion on in the car and people always say “getting a bit gangsta here arent you jamie” hahaha. I saved coke can rings to send off for the album scorpion back in the day

    • LOL, thanks for the comment Jamie. True fans save coke can rings to send off for albums :)

  • Jacqui

    Did Trent write this one? I’ve never really noticed typos in Trent’s posts before..

    Pretty sure Eve is a part of this, rather than apart (away, removed) from this.

    • Jacqui

      Hey Shannon,

      Just saw at the bottom that it was you who posted this article. I didn’t point out the typo to be nasty. I’m glad you’re ‘a part’ of this blog now. I’ve been reading pink since I was in university… before Trent moved to LA… before he started dating David… so I’m really happy the site has grown to be big enough for him to have two more writers working for him.
      Welcome to the blog!

      Jacqui xoxo

    • Jacqui, VERY GOOD eye. Thank you :)