Watch: Clip From Eve’s Mini-Doc With Complex Magazine


Complex Magazine  is shooting a mini-documentary series called Reebok Classics and Eve– who is SORELY missed by hip-hop fans and rap itself– is next up for the ad campaign. I’m thrilled to see that Eve is a part of this, although I’m not ready to call her a “classic.” We need more Eve records! Which we may get… But in the meantime, we have her mini-doc. Watch an 11-minute clip and pics from the shoot inside.

< Eve Speaks on Philly beginnings, Ruff Ryders, and going Pop with Gwen:

Isn’t Eve’s Mom kinda the best? I remember her from Eve’s MTV Diary (yeah, back in the day) and she was awesome. Now I had serious issues with Eve when she first came out. I actually considered myself to be the first lady of Ruff Ryders (due to my unknown, one-sided, and somewhat unhealthy relationship with DMX at the time), so it was awkward. But after she debuted Let There Be Eve… there wasn’t a lot to say. She turned a hater into a lover, especially with that Missy collab, and the one with Drag-On. KILLED. Eve was never a really good, female rapper. She was just a brilliant rapper. MOREPLEASE.

And if there is, in fact, a new record on the way I’d like to humbly suggest a collabo with Meek Mill and Beanie Sigel. Remember when she did Philly, Philly with Beans? Yeah. We could call this one Philly, Philly, Philly. Or, um, something much better but still with those three rappers. Ok, thanks.

Pics from the Doc shoot:

Eve visited her old high school during the shoot.




Why We Need Eve NOW

  • Glen CoCo-Franco

    Philly philly….philly where i am from…..

  • jamie

    I love Eve. it makes me laugh when i have scorpion on in the car and people always say “getting a bit gangsta here arent you jamie” hahaha. I saved coke can rings to send off for the album scorpion back in the day

    • LOL, thanks for the comment Jamie. True fans save coke can rings to send off for albums :)

  • Jacqui

    Did Trent write this one? I’ve never really noticed typos in Trent’s posts before..

    Pretty sure Eve is a part of this, rather than apart (away, removed) from this.

    • Jacqui

      Hey Shannon,

      Just saw at the bottom that it was you who posted this article. I didn’t point out the typo to be nasty. I’m glad you’re ‘a part’ of this blog now. I’ve been reading pink since I was in university… before Trent moved to LA… before he started dating David… so I’m really happy the site has grown to be big enough for him to have two more writers working for him.
      Welcome to the blog!

      Jacqui xoxo

    • Jacqui, VERY GOOD eye. Thank you :)