Watch: Catherine Zeta-Jones Talks About Her Bipolar Disorder On ‘The View’


When Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared on The View  yesterday to promote her new film Rock Of Ages (in theaters now), she also used the opportunity to speak briefly, but candidly, about her recent struggles with bipolar disorder. Watch the video and get more deets inside.

Clip: Catherine Zeta-Jones on The View


You guys may remember, back in 2009 Catherine’s step-son (Michael Douglas’s son from his 23-year marriage to Diandra Douglas) was arrested for selling crystal meth. In April 2010 Cameron Douglas (who also struggled with a heroin addiction) was sentenced to 5 years, and he’s now doing his time in a minimum security prison. His girlfriend was arrested shortly afterwards for smuggling heroine. In light of his troubles and her husband Michael Douglas’ health issues (he is now cancer-free) Zeta-Jones found herself under a good deal of stress which amplified her bipolar disorder.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is awfully talented; she rocked my world in Chicago and she (and her character’s amazing wardrobe) made Ocean’s Twelve worth seeing. Bipolar disorder is not uncommon at all, but it can be an isolating disease and I’m pleased that she opened up about it, if only for a moment.

Learn more about the disease here.

Watch her full interview on The View below:


  • I find this absolutely amazing. I myself struggle with depression so whenever I see a celebrity shed light on their own issues( ie depression, bipolar disorder ect) it makes me happy. It’s relieving to know that your not alone and also it’s not the end of you. I can’t wait to see Rock of Ages. She never ceases to amaze me with her talent and her beauty! Thanks for posting this Trent!

    • Cliffysworld thanks for commenting. The article jumped out at me because I have a close friend who was diagnosed in the 7th grade. You are absolutely not alone and it is absolutely not the single, defining thing about you.

      Also, Shannon posted this one! I’m the new blogger on the block, lol :)

  • JejuneStar

    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a decade ago and am still amazed at the stigma surrounding it. I am thankful when a celebrity talks about their mental illness and it brings awareness. Thank you for posting about this, especially the link to learn more :)

    • Thanks for commenting JeJuneStar. I hear you– and there’s no stigma here at PITNB! So glad you enjoyed the post.

    • Isabelle

      Absolutely. I’m bipolar too, and it always seems people think that if you’re bipolar, you’re just a wreck and or a nutjob.

  • Debho

    My husband has bi-polar. Sadly there still isn’t much educatio on this and a lot of people just dont understand it. Even his own (ignorant, dysfunctional) family think those who suffer are just crazy. I guess it’s only those who want to understand who do.

    • Debho, thanks for commenting. I think it’s like a lot of things– easily dismissible if you don’t understand. But that can absolutely change!

  • ChristineLA

    I have friends who are diagnosed bi-polar, and it is SUCH an isolating illness. I think it’s really brave of Catherine to speak publicly about her own struggles (and apparent triumph) with such a debilitating illness. She easily could have kept quiet and let the public continue to view her as someone who has it all. She may have it all, but she needed medical help, and there is nothing in the world wrong with that. Good for her.

    • ChristineLA, I agree. Brave of Catherine and smart, too I think. Because at least she might get people talking about the subject, hopefully in an intelligent manner.

  • muchacha

    While I think it’s good for her to talk about her personal experiences, I would like to see her (and other celebrities, Britney, for one) do more advocacy work around the stigma of the disease. She could really bring a lot of needed attention to the issue.

    • I hear you muchacha. But I imagine it took quite a bit of time and effort for her to come forward about it at all.

  • Firegalz

    I was diagnosed too with bipolar psychotic and a severe case of depression 3 years ago. It was so hard for me to get back into the world again. i received many weird glances outside and from friends. so now i just go everywhere alone. it’s nice to know there are so many out there that’s like me.

  • Firegalz, I’m sure it’s difficult to find them, but there are communities and open spaces (and individuals) everywhere. I’d like to think that most people react to these things out of ignorance, but hopefully that will change one day. Thank you for commenting.