Photographer Re-Imagines Ken And Barbie

'In The Dollhouse'

The Making of In The Dollhouse

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  1. Photo shoots like these freak me out. However, I really shouldn’t be affected, especially since I used to love biting my Barbie/Ken dolls heads off when I was a kid. I always blamed my brother, too.

  2. Iris, I hear you! They definitely have a creepy affect to them. Now my brother really did used to bite off my barbies’s feet. He HATED barbie doll feet. Go fig.

  3. Shannon

    I love the Ariel one. I imagine that’s where she ended up when prince Eric dumped her

  4. David

    it seems a little tired to have a series assuming Ken is gay. These are toys, and it seems a bit trite and stereotypical to assume that a male that a toy that is attractive and well dressed is gay (as opposed to the male toys that are soldiers, sci-fi warriors, or super heroes).

    • David, I thought just about the same. Even Toy Story has taken up this issue, lol. She’s a talented photographer and I’m impressed, but it’d be nice to see her come up with something a little less cliche. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Ben@pr

    So far, I’ve liked your articles about photography including the Transgendered youth one. I’m not much into paintings but I really like photography as an art expression. I like the twist the photographer gave to these picture perfect characters like the Princesses and Barbie and Ken.

  6. Amarie

    Love! They look like dolls! Right down to her legs. And I love the Ariel pic too. Keep these coming :)

  7. Amarie

    Oh and I have that blow dryer lol.

  8. Rus

    Great one Shannon. Love the post :-)

  9. rOXy

    There is seriously something wrong with me. I need therapy STAT. My house is decorated very much like Barbie’s in these pictures. :( I couldn’t see the “message” because I was drooling too much over the set. LOVED THIS POST so much it’s bookmarked.

  10. PixiesBassline

    These are awesome! And even though I’m totally not into having my home decorated with the color pink (sorry!), I really like how they had the set decorated. I’d love to stay in a hotel decorated by them.

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