• Photo shoots like these freak me out. However, I really shouldn’t be affected, especially since I used to love biting my Barbie/Ken dolls heads off when I was a kid. I always blamed my brother, too.

  • Iris, I hear you! They definitely have a creepy affect to them. Now my brother really did used to bite off my barbies’s feet. He HATED barbie doll feet. Go fig.

  • Shannon

    I love the Ariel one. I imagine that’s where she ended up when prince Eric dumped her

    • Lol, my fave is the one with Barb on the toilet. She looks so wrecked, it’s adorable. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  • David

    it seems a little tired to have a series assuming Ken is gay. These are toys, and it seems a bit trite and stereotypical to assume that a male that a toy that is attractive and well dressed is gay (as opposed to the male toys that are soldiers, sci-fi warriors, or super heroes).

    • David, I thought just about the same. Even Toy Story has taken up this issue, lol. She’s a talented photographer and I’m impressed, but it’d be nice to see her come up with something a little less cliche. Thanks for commenting.

  • Ben@pr

    So far, I’ve liked your articles about photography including the Transgendered youth one. I’m not much into paintings but I really like photography as an art expression. I like the twist the photographer gave to these picture perfect characters like the Princesses and Barbie and Ken.

    • Ben@pr, so glad you’re enjoying these! I’ll keep that in mind when I’m on the prowl for more topics.

  • Amarie

    Love! They look like dolls! Right down to her legs. And I love the Ariel pic too. Keep these coming :)

  • Amarie

    Oh and I have that blow dryer lol.

    • LMAO! No matter what the message is with these photos– I still wanna bust out my old Barbie RV. Glad you’re enjoying these Amarie.

  • Rus

    Great one Shannon. Love the post :-)

    • Rus, so glad you enjoyed! Sorry, I’m just seeing some of these comments!

  • rOXy

    There is seriously something wrong with me. I need therapy STAT. My house is decorated very much like Barbie’s in these pictures. :( I couldn’t see the “message” because I was drooling too much over the set. LOVED THIS POST so much it’s bookmarked.

  • PixiesBassline

    These are awesome! And even though I’m totally not into having my home decorated with the color pink (sorry!), I really like how they had the set decorated. I’d love to stay in a hotel decorated by them.

    • PixiesBassline, yes to the hotel!