Watch: Jamie Lynn Spears Performs A Song In Honor Of Her Older Sister Britney Spears


Back in November of last year, we learned that Jamie Lynn Spears made her debut as a Country Music artist in her new home of Nashville, TN. Today we get to see video from JL’s latest live performance where she debuted a song intended as a tribute to her older sister Britney Spears. Jamie Lynn doesn’t actually mention Britney’s name in her introduction of the song but it seems fairly clear to me from the lyrics of the song that JL wrote this song as a tribute to her sister. The song is titled I Look Up to You and you can watch video of the performance in full below.

The song is beautifully touching, IMHO, and is a lovely homage to our dear Britney. As you all should know, Britney has had her fair share of troubled times in her young life but thru it all, her perseverance and hard work has shown her to be an inspiration not only to her fans but to her family members as well. Jamie Lynn performed this song, and others, at a venue in Nashville called 3rd & Lindsley. Here is a personal photo, shared by Jamie Lynn herself on her official Instagram profile, that was snapped in her backstage dressing room:


Tickets for the show were given away by Jamie Lynn on her official Twitter profile, so I suggest following her there for the possible chance at seeing her perform other shows in the future. I’m not a Country Music fan but I know what I like … and I really like this song. Do you?


  • nicole

    not really my thing. but its not bad
    but i cant be the only one who thinks she kind of looks like Carrie Underwood? i think its just the hair. i dont know, but this whole video just reminds me of CW

    • @nicole — Yeah, I think her hair is very Carrie Underwood-like but otherwise, JL looks a LOT like Britney.

    • Leah

      I could think of worse things than looking like a cross between Carrie and Britney!

  • Jacqui

    She has a nice voice. I would say better than BS.

  • JM

    It was ok; definitely a very sweet thing to do though.

    Watching this made me think:
    Singing like – Jessica Simpson
    Looks like – Brit
    Styled like – Carrie Underwood

    She’s a melting pot lol

  • Jenni

    so sweet! tear