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Back in January I introduced to you all a new writer that was brought on board to blog here at Pink is the New Blog and for the last 6 months, Melissa has been a faithful and hard worker … for all of us. Today I am taking a bit of time to formally welcome a newer writer to the site. For the past week or so, Shannon (who playfully and cleverly introduced herself HERE) has been posting to the site and based on the response from the vast majority of people, she has been doing a most excellent job. As a result, I am ecstatic to reveal that Shannon is here to stay and will be writing for PITNB forever and ever and ever (well, if I get my way, that is).

I think you will all agree that Shannon brings a very fresh, funny and terribly interesting new voice to the site and we are very lucky to have her. Shannon has written for other publications so her mastery of the written word is a welcome addition. I got to meet Shannon in person for the first time a couple of months ago on one of our visits to NYC … in fact, I had just completed a 6 mile run, I was late for our meeting and she had to endure me in all my gross, sweaty glory … and she still took the job! I knew right then and there that she was a perfect match. As I mentioned back in January, the addition of new voices to the site comes from a desire to heighten the Pink is the New Blog experience. For years, my voice/opinions/perspective have been the sole source of entertainment … but the time for growth and change has come. I am terribly excited by Shannon’s addition to the site and I hope you will continue to welcome her with warmth, friendship and fandom.

Sadly, I must share that Melissa will no longer be writing for the site. Without question, she has proven a dedicated and hard worker since her debut on the site and I thank her so much for her time and dedication to PITNB. I hope you will join me in wishing her all the best in her future endeavors.

With Shannon on board, I think we are all in very good hands. I have a lot more fun NEW stuff planned in the coming weeks and months, stuff that has been in the works for a very long time now. I’m so excited for the next new chapter of fun around here so … stay tuned! As always, I thank YOU all for your loyal support of the site. Pink is the New Blog is nothing without you and I cannot tell you how much it means to me that after 8 years, I see no signs of slowing down. There is goss to be had, y’all! Let’s have at it!

As always, your comments are more than welcome. Let the lovefest commence!!

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  • nicole

    Shannon is such a great addition to the site. i feel like since she’s been added, theres no stone left unturned with the daily gossip. and shes just so much FUN! and i love that shes so interactive with us readers. <3

    and i wish nothing but the best for Melissa.

    • Whitney

      I couldn’t agree more with you Nicole, nicely said…

      Again, welcome Shannon your a wonderful addition, but let’s not forget Melissa and her contribution either. It’s not always easy walking into a place that is changing and some people didn’t like that.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what is about to happen and wishing the team nothing but success.


    • Thank you Trent and EVERYONE– especially Melissa who was so warm to me when I started last week. I know there are great things in store for her and I wish her all the best.

  • Meghan

    Shannon has been a great addition thus far! I look forward to many more years of PITNB!

  • Shannon

    Yay Shannon is awesome so far loving all her posts! Even the one about babies and boobs and nipples yuck. Melissa got majorly hated on but probably only because we love Trent so much and her new voice was scary and unknown. And everybody hates change.

    • LMAO, “nipples yuck” :)

  • Iris

    I really did feel bad about how Melissa’s response was. I think the best thing Shannon did was introduce herself first before writing posts, which Melissa did the opposite. It was scary just to see a new writer, opposite of Trent without warning. However, I wound up warming to Melissa and am sad that’s going. :-(

    I hope Melissa has success in everything she goes for and deserves it!

    Shannon, GOD I LOVE YOU!

    • Thanks IRIS! I can take no credit for the idea bout introducing myself– the big men upstairs made me, LOL. Melissa is wonderful, and I plan to stay in touch with her.

  • MoNate

    Love Shannon

  • aeb

    shannon is generally welcome – i have enjoyed her posts although i hope i never ever ever see such nudity on your site like i did with the attachment parenting post. the content was not offensive, and boobs don’t scare me, but can you at least hide some of the boobs? i read this at work! seemed like that post was more for shock value than anything because the magazine article was a month ago.

    i think it might be cooler if these posts from you, trent, come before the new person starts writing. just my two cents.

    sad to see melissa go! i loved her content and her fashion posts.

    • aeb, thanks for the suggestion. I’m gonna use the Mommy excuse here– I do, sometimes, forget that bare breasts (even in the mouths of babes) can be considered “nudity,” lol. I promise to at least give an NSFW type heads up next time :)

  • Jealousoftrent

    Hi Trent,

    I just want to say you should consider yourself especially lucky to have this type of lifestyle where you can travel constantly and see shows, celebs, concerts etc. Not that many people are that blessed.

    Keeping It real


    • @Jealous — Believe me, I am thankful for my life every single day and I try not to take any of it for granted :)

    • Nancy M

      I wouldn’t call it blessed so much as extremely hard work and dedication paying off. Trent has worked really hard blogging 7 days a week, year round for many years now. He has a great talent that he has put to good use and entertained a lot of us over the years- it’s not luck, it’s determination and having a good work ethic and good for you, Trent for enjoying it!

    • rOXy

      The thing I like most about Trent’s life is that he shares it with us!! When he goes off to lands afar, he takes us with him, when he has romantic dates, we get to go, too, when he gets together with his friends, we are right there in the bunch. I’m always aware of his gratitude and he never comes off as high and mighty. Well deserved, Trent!

  • Daniel

    I think much of that was due to Trent not providing a smooth transition for Melissa to the site. Had he properly introduced her and readied the masses for a change she may have been better welcome. As the visionary leader of the blog, hopefully he learned a lesson in that experience. I also wish the best for Melissa wherever she goes–I think she gracefully handled the rocky backlash when she joined.

    • Iris


      I agree. I never thought it was Melissa’s fault – just thought it was an oversight. I don’t think anyone realized how fanatic Trent’s fans are – I’m also including myself in this because I was outraged until I said, “Woah – this will better PINTB…not worsen it.”

  • helen

    Thank you Melissa for all your contributions, I think you were unfairly mistreated by some of us readers, I will always wonder if you were able to crash the SJP party, lol!… wishing nothing but the best for you!

  • Daniel


  • beth

    Shannon is a superb writer. I’m sure Melissa is a wonderful persona nd wish her the best, but her contributions to the site just were not at the level of trent and shannon – not hating, just being honest. Great to see this blog well on its way to conquering the world.

  • dave

    I love having Shannon as the new addition. Such a great and fresh new voice and perspective. Still love ya Trent! But if I may throw in a suggestion, I think it would be helpful to know at the beginning of the posts who they are written by. I’m so used to Trent’s that when I read something that doesn’t ‘sound’ like him, it throws me off and I have to scroll all the way down to see if in fact it was him or someone else who wrote the post LOL I think establishing who the blogger in the beginning of posts will help in knowing who’s perspective readers are reading. Just a suggestion…

    • @dave — Soon, hopefully very soon, the new changes I mention will be implemented and author bylines will be much more clear.

    • aeb

      this works when i read you in my rss feed! and it’s easy because no one gets to use the stars but you. love you, trent!

    • dave

      @Trent Yay! Sounds great! 8-)

  • DC

    People oh here were too hard on Melissa..they criticized her for everything… I think she was doing a great job sucks to see her go.. boo!!

  • gentgiant

    Oye! Any friend of Trent’s is a friend of mine! I love me some Shannon.

  • muchacha

    Just want to wish good luck to Melissa and welcome to Shannon :) Keep up the good work everyone.

  • Juneh

    I wish the best for Melissa and think she handled the backlash gracefully. And also welcome Shannon, you’ve had an amazing first weeks, keep it up!

  • Joanna

    While I wish Melissa nothing but the best in her future work, I’m kinda more excited that Shannon will be the only other contributor. She has time and again impressed me with her writing style. I feel as if she has been a part of the Pink family from the beginning and I can’t wait to know more about her. To be fair there wasn’t much warning from either Trent, Melissa, or Shannon when they were introduced, but Melissa’s introduction was way more abrupt than Shannon’s and it really annoyed loyal readers such as myself. Shannon had a great way of introducing herself that you couldn’t help but love her right away. I’m excited for Pink’s next chapter.

  • rOXy

    Farewell, Melissa, we hardly knew you! I wish you all the best of success and what life has to offer. Please visit us in the comments? Blessings!

    Shannon, re welcoming you, cause ya know I luvs ya! :)

    • rOXy

      PS – those are some great pics of Shannon! Beautiful girl!

  • Tracy

    AAAWWW! I wish Melissa the best sorry to see her go. But, welcome to Shannon you have joined a wonderful family. We just love our papa Trent…

  • LaToya

    Official congrats and welcome after the official introduction! I’m already a fan girl of Shannon’s posts!

  • Gire

    Ha I knew it! Melissa got fired. But seriously, she wasn’t that fun and the tone was much like Trent. Don’t need a double dose of that.

    And I’m sure that in (short) time, Shannon will have her own site. I mean, there’s absolutely nothing stopping her. Except she’ll be making all the money off of it and not work for someone. Her posts are way more interesting anyway (sorry Trent) and can stand on their own. Then she’ll have her ready made set of pink followers and voila! Genius!

  • Julie

    Welcome, Shannon! Good luck and good bye, Melissa. PITNB is so enjoyable because it’s of a higher caliber than most blogs – I feel that both of these changes reflect that higher caliber.

  • Karen

    Welcome, Shannon! I was so pleased when I read a couple of your posts — your writing skills, intelligence, and critical thinking nicely complement Trent’s. I was also happy to see above that soon a post’s author will be noted at the top rather than the bottom of the post. It helps readers orient themselves.

  • Lynne

    Aw, I’m sorry to hear that Melissa is gone. She never did get a fair chance. Best wishes to her! Hopefully, she’ll pop around in the comment sections.

    I definitely love Shannon! :)

  • Melissa – good luck in the future. I thought you were great and you handled everything that was thrown at you with style and grace. Stay awesome!

  • Debho

    Welcome Shannon! I have been enjoying your posts so far. However, I’m sorry to see my fellow Aussie Melissa leaving. Wishing her the best for her future endeavours.

  • Sfmom

    Welcome Shannon! I loved your mommy post – boobs and all (bias: breastfeeding mom here) – you handled a touchy topic so tactfully. Glad you’re here! It’s nice to have another new voice.

    Melissa, it seems like you were the one who broke the glass ceiling and you may not have had a chance of being loved by many here because you were guilty of the crime of not-being-trent. either way, you prepped the field for new writers like Shannon to come in and be welcomed more warmly. It doesn’t seem exactly fair, but that’s how it looks to me. I wish you all the best and hope you find a new home for your writing soon!

  • Dezden

    Best wishes, Melissa. Welcome, Shannon.

  • Sistah_Tru

    Hmmm. Mmm-hmmm…mmmm-mmm-mmm… Tisk, tisk…