David Beckham Poses With The Stanley Cup


Earlier this week the LA Kings took home the Stanley Cup trophy after they won the 2012 NHL Championship and since then, the Stanley Cup trophy has been surfacing all over SoCal in the possession of various people. All members of the LA Kings have been able to pose for photos with the cup as well as some very lucky fans … including LA Galaxy soccer star David Beckham. Becks was in attendance at a celebration for the LA Kings and he happily hoisted and posed for photos with the shiny trophy. Check out a couple of cool photos below.

He’s an enthusiastic supporter of all teams in his adopted home city, and lifted a trophy this year with his own soccer side, LA Galaxy. But the MLS silverware is delicate compared to the prestigious Stanley Cup, which has recently become the property of ace ice hockey team, the LA Kings. David, 37 , has been cheering them on from rink side seats and today he got to join in the celebrations at the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles. The English sporting legend even got the chance to hold that gargantuan trophy aloft at the championship party. The famously well defined sportsman had no difficulty holding the impressive quarry above his head though his biceps were hidden under a well tailored suit. And the look on Beckham’s face proves he knows what it means to be fan, despite all his own success. The father-of-four was tickled pink by the honour, and his wife Victoria was so excited for him that she tweeted a picture of the big moment.

David with the Famous Stanley cup!!! X vb

AHHHH, I love these photos so much! The photo on top was shot with a professional camera, the one below it was snapped by wife Victoria Beckham, presumably with her cell phone. As you may recall, Becks happily posed with the MLS championship trophy late last year when the LA Galaxy won the 2011 MLS Championship but he looks just as happy posing with Lord Stanley. There are a lot of happy Los Angelino hockey fans around these here parts lately, it would seem that Becks is one of them. Fortunately for Becks, he is also a lucky Los Angelino hockey fan … one who was able to get his hands on the hallowed Stanley Cup. So cool, right?

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    I wish that thing could talk. I got to see it a few years back and was even able to touch it.