Tyra Banks Is Working on A Girls Club With A Planetarium


The model turned entrepreneur, Tyra Banks, has been working on a new project – a leadership center for young girls in Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Avenue D. Today we learn that the project is nearly finished and has been officially given it’s name – The Tyra Banks TZONE at the Lower Eastside Girls Club, but it’s more likely to be just called TZONE I think. Not to be confused with the problematic area of most teenage faces, this TZONE is a 30,000 square foot tricked out complex. Read on to find out the details of this new concept center…

The fierce Tyra has been working for months now on this project and it’s finally nearing completion as I understand. What is it? A center devoted to the development of young girls in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood. Not only is it a pimped out space with lots of fancy shmancy amenities including a bakery, a “wellness center,” a studio space, and — just because she could — a planetarium. Tyra is also going to be basing her business out of office space there so the young girls can learn from her by example.

Banks tells the Times that her goal for the space is to empower young female entrepreneurs. “My dream was to have a place that was brick and mortar, where they could build on that experience all the time,” she said. “The real impact is to have consistency, as opposed to an excursion.” Perhaps best of all, she herself will work out of her office in the building when she’s in New York, so the girls will see her leading by example as she goes into work every day. In fact, Tyra says she wants them to get to the point where they don’t even pay attention to her:

What I don’t want to be is Tyra, the “celebrity girl,” coming here and the girls being excited when they see me … I want them to be numb to me. I can do normal work here and they can see me, to know that this is what a business is. It’s not about living on a red carpet. I am a businesswoman who goes to work every single day.

I’m actually pretty impressed with this center and hats off to Tyra for having the vision and actually realizing it. I know the neighborhood where it will be based pretty well, and I’m sure lots of young girls there will thrive on having a center like this to go to and hang out in. Tyra is a “celebrity girl” that no doubt lots of young girls will totally look up to (and maybe even go there just cos she is there). I’m just not quite sure they will ever truly be “numb” to her. Still, I gotta give credit where credits due – I like this idea. And, a planetarium – how cool!

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  • Z

    Love the raccoon eyes she’s rockin’…

  • mimi

    i saw the heading and thought she was opening a nightclub.

  • Truth

    This story is incorrect. The Lower Eastside Girls Club is a nonprofit which has been fundraising and modeling this space for the past 3 years. It began construction in 2010 and is finally in completion. Tyra Banks joined the team months back and decided to utilize and promote the space, but this is a vision of the LES Girls Club ED, Lyn Pentecost, and her dedicated team. Learn more about them at http://www.girlsclub.org or just go here: http://girlsclub.org/building.