New Photos From The Set Of The Steve Jobs Biopic Hit The Internets


Last month we got our first look at actor Ashton Kutcher in character as the young Steve Jobs on the set of the forthcoming biopic film reportedly titled jOBS: Get Inspired. Today we get to see new photos of Kutcher as Jobs on the SoCal set of the film and this time he is joined by an actor who bears a striking resemblance to a young Bill Gates. Click below to see these new photos.

He is said by friends to have been ‘rehearsing for hours and hours’ before taking on the role of Steve Jobs in a new movie biopic.
And Ashton Kutcher was back on set today looking more focussed than ever, sporting the Apple boss’s trademark polo shirt … The 34-year-old actor strolled through the set with co-star Ahna O’Reilly who plays the tech genius’s first girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan in new biopic Jobs: Get Inspired. The Two and a Half Men star looked relaxed as he headed back to his trailer after earlier being spotted giving cast and crew members high fives after completing a scene. Ahna was seen a couple of days ago getting into the role of the South Bay painter who gave birth to Jobs’ first daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs in 1978. Following their split, for two years Jobs denied that he was the father of the little girl, claiming that he was sterile and could not have been the paternal father. He later acknowledged Lisa as his daughter. Jobs then went on to marry Laurene Powell in 1981, and the couple had one son and two daughters. Brennan recently wrote an article about Jobs for Rolling Stone where she recalled her relationship with Jobs, who was 17 at the time when they meet at Cupertino’s Homestead High School. She described Jobs during this time as ‘almost 100% romantic’ … The film will follow the Apple corporation from 1971 to 2000, when Steve became the full time CEO of Apple for a second time. Mark added that they had been working on the script ever since Steve formally stepped down from the company last August, due to ill health. He then passed away in October from pancreatic cancer. Mark said: ‘On the day that his retirement was announced – with no big scandal or disaster – I noticed that the buzz about his retirement consumed our creative and IT staff for the entire day. I had never seen anything like that reaction. That was the spark. We immediately began researching and writing the screen play.’

As interested in the life story of Steve Jobs as I am, I must admit that I am much more intrigued by the Steve Jobs biography than I am the biopic. Yes, I am concerned that Ashton Kutcher may not be able to due Jobs’s life justice but that’s not my only concern. I fear the film may dramatize things in order to be more entertaining. The book, I understand, is amazing. A friend of mine already read the gargantuan tome twice. It’s fun to see these actors dressed up as real people but the proof will be in the pudding. I may, for the sake of curiosity, see this film but I deffo plan to read the book first.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Normally I find Ashton to be a total dickhead but he is looking kind of good with that beard!

  • Bethany

    I’m not sure how I feel about the biopic, but the biography is incredible. I honestly could not put it down. It was a very very honest look at Steve Jobs, and I particularly appreciated how much Steve encouraged the people interviewed for the bio to be completely 100% brutally honest.