Lil’ Kim Invades LA


After a mostly mundane day yesterday, David and I made our way to The Key Club in West Hollywood, CA last night around 11PM to see Lil’ Kim in concert. We were told that she would be on stage by 10:40PM but I had a feeling she wasn’t going to hit the stage before 11. Turns out, she didn’t actually go on until a little before midnight. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Lil’ Kim concert. I bought the tickets mainly out of curiosity. I am happy to report that Kim put on a really fun show … one that I found wholly entertaining.

Because the event was over sold, it was difficult to get anywhere near the front of the stage … so David and I decided to just hang back and take it all in. Despite Kim’s tardiness, the rest of the show went off without a hitch. If I have any complaints, it’s that Kim took too long backstage during her costume changes — long enough for other “rappers” to come on stage and perform (badly). But, when Kim was on stage, she was front and center and really electric. Here are some videos from last night’s show …

Ladies Night:

Lady Marmalade:

Billie Jean:

Lighters Up:

I had forgotten how many hits Lil’ Kim has. I was SO bummed that I didn’t get a chance to record her performance of Crush On You. As soon as she started singing that song, I freaked the eff out … and, therefore, failed to video record it. Trust me, it was a hot performance. I about died when she did Lady Marmalade without the other chicks. The Michael Jackson tribute was odd but entertaining. Midway thru the show, Kim brought out Da Brat and Lady of Rage for a few songs — so freaking cool! All in all, Kim performed for a little over an hour … not bad for an $18 show. I had fun, I’m glad I got to see her.

Tonight is Date Night and this time, I’m in charge. I have such a great plan in store for David … it’s a surprise so he has no idea. Trust me, it’s gonna be an epic date. I’ll have a full report tomorrow. Happy Thursday!!

  • WHHHAAAAT? I’m keeling over in jealousy. Love that you were too busy freaking out to record Crush On You. I would have been offended if you HAD recorded it, lol. You’re a true fan, lol.

    Hope you and David have a good time tonight :)

  • frank

    I was so mad that I missed her concert in Chicago. Glad you had fun. I hope she makes a good comeback someday.