Justin Timberlake Comes To Your Home (Decor)


So I got lost in a vortex of “things I can’t afford for my house… yet,” and stumbled upon HomeMint. How funny that it also happened to be a site featuring designs by Mr. Sexy Back himself (yes, I’m still calling him that and plan to do so for quite some time)?! Justin Timberlake has taken his love for unique style and design (and architecture) and parleyed it into HomeMint. He’s teamed up with interior designer and leading celebrity stylist Estee Stanley (she’s styled everyone from Lea Michele to Penelope Cruz and of course, Justin’s fiancee, Jessica Biel) and together they’ve made a collection of beautiful things I can’t afford… yet. But it’s still fun to look.

Justin & Estee welcome you to HomeMint.

Now one thing I love about HomeMint is that they have you take a short quiz about your likeys and dislikeys; this helps you “discover your style,” and from there they help you decorate your home. The idea is that Justin and Estee┬ácan act as virtual interior designers for you. It’s pretty cute. And the truth is, I can afford some things on the site. Like (some of) the towels and (some of) the pillows. They’ve also got a great collection of things they didn’t design but pulled onto the site anyway– limited edition art and gorgeous textiles AKA more beautiful thinks I can’t afford yet. HomeMint is so fancy schmancy, they won’t let me “borrow” pics from their site, so you have to go here to see the subtle sexiness that is Justin Timberlake’s take on home design.

Luckily, they have a Pinterest. (Thanks you Pinterest… this isn’t the first time you’ve saved my life.) Check out these pics and you’ll get a sense of the HomeMint flavor, although most of these things cannot be purchased from the site. Like, sadly, the photo frames that you can rock-climb. Seriously, check it out:

A recycled suitcase chair, pinned under Clever, Clever Decor

Also under Clever, Clever… these butterflies made from vinyl records. Because obviously, that’s what you do with old vinyls. LOVE.

This “trippy design” as Justin called it, can be found under Justin Timberlake’s Home Inspiration

Not sure what’s going on here but Justin liked it, I like it, and I think I can see Rome somewhere.

According to the Everygirl pins, it’s perfectly respectable to use pink dishes. I like that.

This is EXACTLY what I do with my extra push-pins. Pinned under Home Decor.

Speckled pillows make life happy.

Also pinned under Home Decor. Because sometimes you just feel like rock climbing in the privacy of your own home.

Now I love Justin Timberlake, the interior designer and curator. But I don’t want him to forget his roots:

Holiday Lovin’ SNL style.

  • Debho

    I saw those pins on Pinterest but didn’t know the background of them. I think I’ll have to start following him!

  • Debho, they’re Pinterest (and all the people they pin from) is addictive. Thanks for the comment– glad we could give you a little background.

  • Tricia

    Shannon – thanks for sharing the D*ck in a Box link. That is one of my faves.. I so wish he would get his sexy back and sing again (acting, interior design? puh-lease!)

    • Lol, Tricia I hear you. I miss the good ol’ days too! Thanks for commenting.