Emma Stone Covers ‘Vogue’ Magazine


The July cover of Vogue magazine has leaked (shh… don’t tell Anna Wintour). The lovely Emma Stone will be gracing the cover of Vogue magazine’s July issue for the first time, and we have seen a copy of it way before it hits newsstands. Last we saw Emma she was preparing to make a cameo appearance in an episode of iCarly. The star of The Amazing Spider-Man and The Help is hot stuff at the moment, and rightfully so. Now, she is at the top of the fashion world as well, making her debut on the front cover of Vogue. Click below to see Emma on the front page of fashion’s high-end magazine.

There is no stopping young Emma. Not only has she done The Amazing Spider-Man, but she is working on Gangsta Squad with Ryan Gosling (ah, am I jealous!)I loved her back in the days of Crazy, Stupid, Love and of course she was excellent in The Help. She really is at the top of her game, but I suspect that this is just the start for Em.

It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise to me that she has been chosen to cover Vogue’s July issue. And, doesn’t she look gorgeous?

It is so nice to see Vogue celebrating fresh, young talent – and Emma Stone is certainly the epitome of this. As well as classy and beautiful and talented. NY Mag has identified that she is wearing a runway outfit from Nina Ricci’s fall 2012 collection in the pic. She does high fashion well – now I’m really excited to see the photo shoot.

I really like this cover because it is Emma’s eyes that draw you right in. The combination of her sultry dark eye makeup and blonde hair really accentuate her eyes, and she just has the right amount of innocence and seductress in this pic, in my opinion. I am pretty proud of Emma for making it to the cover of Vogue and doing it in such style. Are you a fan of this cover??


  • Debho

    I love her! She’s one of my favourite “new” actors.

  • naomi

    I hope that it’s just this cell phone snap of the cover but she looks horribly photoshopped e.g. face and features slimmed down!

  • Leah

    She is gorgeous but I wish they hadn’t made her look so… Generic. Blah

  • Got a major depression when I realized it reminded me of lindsay.

  • Ben@pr

    I didn’t like the cover. She’s Photoshopped into unrecognizable person.