Drake’s Rep Speaks Out On Chris Brown Brawl


For a second there, I started wondering if the dangerous world of rap had finally corrupted our little AubreyDrakeGraham. But we have nothing to fear. Drake’s rep came forward to TMZ a few hours ago and made an official statement regarding Drake’s innocence in the Chris Brown brawl. After Chris posted a pretty gross photo of his post-brawl chin-wreckage on Instagram (the photo’s been removed since), rumors started flying that Drake had thrown a bottle at Chris… over the one person worth throwing a bottle over: Rihanna. Yeah. Get more deets inside.


Here’s the statement from Drake’s rep to TMZ:

Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began… [Drake] did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.

Riveting stuff, I know.
Another source also told TMZ the fight was not over Rihanna, but would not say what it was about. Others have said rapper Meek Mill threw the bottle at Chris, not Drake. I saw Meek Mill’s early freestyle videos. At 12, he looked like the type to throw a bottle or six. He was adorable, but very Philly, very you-wouldn’t-like-me-when-I’m-angry-esque if ya know what I mean. Luvya Meek.

Here’s the thing. When you’re a grown ass man, I know that you sometimes have to prove that you’re a grown ass man. And I know that sometimes when you have to prove your grown-ass-manliness, you’re in a club and there are bottles around and what’re you gonna do? Not prove your grown-ass-manliness? Not throw a bottle? Of course not. You gotta do what you gotta do.

But why is being a grown ass man so much like being a little boy? The thought of these guys fighting is… like… sad… and adorable. And embarrassing. Look at this mess they made!


I’m so annoyed for the employees at the W.i.P club. And Chris Brown was not the only one hurt; four others between the two camps got injured. I rarely use this (partly because these are my initials and it’s weird for me), but here I make an exception: SMH

What are your thoughts? Is Aubrey AKA Drake AKA Jimmy from Degrassi physically or emotionally capable of getting into a fight? How many of you are secretly (or openly) pleased at that Chris Brown instagram photo? I wish no man harm, but I kinda wanna hit him just for putting that pic up. There’s something really annoying about that. Anyway, best wishes during the healing process or whatever.

Can you guys tell that I’m kind of annoyed to be reporting this? LOL, I think it’s because I’m a Drake fan and I kinda ride for Meek Mill and, yes, I was into Chris pre-Rih-Rih. So more than anything, I’m just embarrassed as a fan of their music and as a fan of men in general. Let’s get it together guys.

Sidenote: Other reports state that Drake actually ran to the bathroom when the bottles started flying. Complex Magazine has collected the top 20 DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause tweets for your viewing pleasure.

Now that I think about it, where was Rick Ross?

  • cmc

    Yup, SMH says it all in this situation. On one hand, I can’t pretend to be unhappy that Chris Brown- finally picking on someone “his own size”- got his ass handed to him. He’s a punk kid with an attitude problem and that needs to be adjusted ASAP, although I wouldn’t choose violence as the way to do it. No, I’m just annoyed that Drake let himself get dragged into this mess. I expected better from him.

    At the same time, him being in the situation kind of makes him a White Knight character in this story. Sure, we don’t know the facts or whether r was really involved etc, and sure violence is very very wrong, but it’s kind of weirdly satisfying to think that Drake, reportedly an all-around nice guy, may have stood up to CB (currently one of the biggest jerks around- public figure wise) and finally given him a taste of his own medicine.

    Still a stupid, sad, juvenile situation all around. I feel bad for their bodyguards and all other club goers.

    • cmc, I hear you. And for whatever reason, I expect better from all of them. I know they’re rappers, but do they have to act like it? LOL, I just don’t want them to be so cliche!

  • Krissy

    I saw a photo of an Australian girl that was in the club and got hit in the head with a bottle. It is one thing if fools want to hurt themselves, but lets leave the innocent bystanders out of it!

    • Krissy, I agree. There is no reason for such rampant, public silliness. At least the famous people are getting blogged about and hell publicity from all this, lol. I’m glad you at least gave a shout-out to the Aussie girl!

  • The best way for Chris Brown to show that he is a grown ass man would be, for once, to abstain from violence. Wow, there’s a concept. That dude is a clown!

    • Niki, brilliant idea for Chris. The clownish-ness isn’t even from the fight so much as the whole “look at me I got in a fight I’m so cool” pic. He would be much cooler if he quieted down a bit. That ego has gotten slightly outta control, methinks.

  • HAHAHA funniest interpretation of the fight I’ve heard all day :). In this situation I think that Chris Brown was the idiot. He didn’t even have to send a bottle of anything over to Drake. If the fight was about Rihanna the bottle thing was probably to say “I’m sending this over to you as a way to buy your distance from a woman who is rightfully mine.” What did he think was going to happen? Noting? I may be biased in that I think Drake so far in his career can do no wrong and Chris Brown has let me down time and again (the beating and the GMA incident). Either way I think these two shouldn’t be in the same place from now on unless they have to be. Jealously does pretty nasty things to people.

    • Joanna glad you laughed; that’s all we can do sometimes. And great point about location choice. The love of my life just said the same thing– why are these guys always at the same club?! It’s NYC! And you have hell money! If you have some kinda beef (or the potential for it), be elsewhere.

  • Sabrina

    Another reason why I heart you Shannon because I thought the same thing when I saw Chris Brown’s picture of his little cut on his chin. When I heard about this, I was hoping a bottle would have knocked some sense & maturity into his head! But I guess not. Ugh. I despise Chris Brown.

    • Sabrina: “little cut,” HA! That’s so mean. You’re hilarious. Heart you back.

  • Amarie

    I love Rihanna (when she’s not acting crazy) but seriously? I’m so over everyone jumping up and saying right off the bat that every little altercation someone has is over her! Why does it always have to be over RIHANNA? wtf is so special?

    • Amarie, good points. If it wasn’t about Rihanna what could it have been? Either way I don’t think it’s about Rihanna being so amazing (or her various um physical attributes), if anything they’re two guys fighting about control over or claim to a particular person. It happens to be Rihanna. Or it’s about something totally unrelated, but with all that glass in the floor methinks a woman was involved.

      ALTHOUGH I did hear that Chris Brown recently took Meek Mill off of a track they were supp’d to do together. So. There’s that to throw a bottle about.

  • LaToya

    Although I despise Chris Brown can’t condone violence of any kind. However I’m not a saint and part of me thought well someone finally smacked him!

    On another note I have my own new game of spot the blogger lol Shannon I love that I knew this was your post before I finished because yes they should behave like grown ass men….sadly their behaviour shows they are still boys……

  • LaToya, glad you’re liking the posts. I try not to rant, but this time…. ahhh. I want more from my rappers, lol :)

  • Julie

    Shannon – I enjoy your writing more and more. This post is fabulous. Keep it up!

    • Julie, somehow I missed this comment. Thank you!

  • JCZ

    I lol’d so much at the Rick Ross comment – I’m definitely enjoying your articles and the input you make about them.

    As for this, it just proves how immature Chris Brown is. How immature they all are. I’m def repping for Team Drake, but we cannot be so sure on his innocence. Sure he may not have got in the brawl but I do not doubt words were said before hand. But I’m hoping he was more or less, putting Chris in his place and taking the high road out.

    I don’t care how many people say otherwise, I will never forgive Chris for the beating incident. It’s only his fangirls that say otherwise. He is definitely the male version of Lindsay Lohan. He just will not learn his lesson or grow up. It’s sad cause even if he is filthy rich and successful (still, ugh) – his public opinion will never consider him anything but a douche. I want him to screw up and do something that will put him behind bars or in a situation, like Lindsay, to wake him up. I don’t want to see him change so I can like him again, that will never be an option, but so that he receives the penalty he deserves before becoming less douchey.

    It’s just another case of celebrity favouritism. He most certainly deserved a jail sentence and if he did, I do believe he would never have gone down this route. I’ll still be a Rihanna fan – but I just feel going on about her collab and contact with him is a too lengthy post that just feels like its going no where – she needs a good slap in the face, by a girlfriend this time, to snap her out of whatever nightmare she thinks is some wicked dream in her head.

    Oh and back to Rick Ross – whilst no one wants to come across him in a brawl – I would replace him with Jay-Z circa. last years VMAs after Chris Brown’s performance. Put that Jay Z in his face and Chris will be the one running for the bathroom to clean his pants.

    • Thanks JCZ for a thoughtful comment. And yes, immaturity is definitely at work here. I esp agree with the idea of Rihanna needing a good gf on her side– we all do :)

  • PetaF

    The photo of the poor girl who got smacked with the bottle angered me so much. I’m defs a drake fan and I’m hoping it wasnt him that initiated it. But regardless, they are as you say, acting like boys.. The poor bar stuff have such a big job ahead of them and because rich kids decided to have a brawl.. Pathetic. Chris brown? Argh. No words. Put a pic of Rihanna’s beaten face next to his piddley little cut….

    • PetaF, “Chris Brown? Argh.” LOL I hear you!

  • helen

    I agree with all of you, this IS very childish, however, chris brown had it coming. He’s such a douche. So yeah, Go Team Drake!!

    • helen, I hear you. I suspect there was a lot of douchebaggery popping off in the club that night.

  • erica

    Fighting over Rihanna? Now there’s some wasted punches.

    • erica, I hear you. Fighting over any human being (as if you could have rights to someone) is kinda silly.

  • Tresa

    Love this blog and all the writers, so please don’t take this comment wrong, but…………how can anyone of you condone violence of ANY type? I get karma and it’s human to have feelings that people may or may not “deserve” things, but to actually put it in words that any of this was ok or deserved just seems a tad hypocritical.

  • Tresa

    I wish I had been more eloquent in my post as it might seem that I’m saying Shannon or Trent is advocating violence and I didn’t mean that all, just to clarify.

    • Tresa– I hear you completely. When I first saw the story, I didn’t even bother to write about it because I did feel like it was so ridiculous. But when I saw how big it was getting I thought maybe I could write about it AND express my distaste for the situation, on all fronts. Thanks for your comment– it makes a lot of sense.