Are Eddie Murphy and 106 & Park’s Rocsi Diaz A Couple?


Okay. Eddie Murphy and Rocsi Diaz went vacationing in Hawaii together… with Eddie’s 16 children. I’m just kidding. About the kids, I mean. He ‘only’ has 8 kids so it’s fine. His 8 kids, his 28 year-old girlfriend business associate and his 51 year-old self were kicking it in Hawaii. Pics inside.

So, this is Rocsi on the beach.


And this is Rocsi in the water with one of Eddie’s 8 kids.



Eddie didn’t make it to the beach, but the new couple business associates were spotted on their hotel balcony. (They haven’t been confirmed yet.) In fact, last we heard, Eddie and Toni Braxton were introducing their respective kids to each other. But that was in, like, March so… you know.

Let me just say that I love Rocsi– she is so adorable! Well, not in that first shot. There’s nothing adorable about that bikini bod. So somebody tell me WHY???? Forget about the obvious (his questionable sexual orientation, that really isn’t all that questionable when you think about it); why do women date men with HELLA kids and HELLA baby mamas/ex-wives? Was this ever a good idea for anyone? Please share thoughts, comments, and other (legitimate) dating prospects for Rocsi. Or Eddie. Unless you likey Eddie and Rocsi together– which is fine! Weird… The Blemish has more of these scandalicious photos.




  • shannon m.

    I’m confused with the “There’s nothing adorable about that bikini bod.” l think she looks great. The woman has hips and a little meat on her bones. Good on her.

    • Jenni

      I think she meant she’s not “adorable” but is voluptuous, etc.

    • Darcy

      I had the same thought… Maybe Shannon means that there’s nothing adorable because SEXY is a better word to describe it? I think her body is amazing.

    • Nancy

      For sure! When I think of adorable, I think of baby cheeks & teddy bears not a beautiful woman in a string bikini. I’m pretty sure that was what was implied by that innocent comment :-)


      You cannot call a bikini bod like that “adorable” because that is the body of a woman. Goddess-like is a better phrase, lol. No, I’m not pro-anorexia.

      Thanks for weighing in everyone, lol.

  • Okay, I cannot stress this enough– just went back to look at that picture of Rocsi: HER BODY IS INSANE! I was more distracted by the whole Eddie thing to focus on it, but this post should really have been about how she obtained that waist-to-hip ratio.

    Ok. I’m good now.

  • nicole

    im pretty sure they’ve been dating for awhile. but yes, this is definitely a couple from left field. i dont think anyone saw these two getting together.

    • Thanks for commenting nicole. I remember when Rocsi said she had “coffee” with Eddie but yeah. No. This is weird, lol.

  • Laura from San Francisco

    Can I just say I (hella) love that you said hella. Ha.

    • Laura from San Francisco– your name explains it all! My roommate freshman year was a Laura from Santa Cruz, so yes to all things hella :)