Watch: Madonna Flashes Her Bum In Rome


Over the weekend, we saw video of Madonna on tour in Istanbul, Turkey and, as you may recall, she was very … free with the flashing of her body parts. Inspired by the song she was performing, Madonna decided to take out her breast and flash it to the entire audience. It would seem that Maddy was, once again, inspired during her performance of Human Nature while on tour in Rome, Italy … only this time, she didn’t whip out a breast. This time, she bared her bum.

After flashing her nipple in Turkey the other day, Madonna continued to strip down on the latest stop of her body part peep show tour by showing off her mother-of-four butt in Italy on Tuesday. While performing her hit song “Human Nature” again, the Queen of Pop unzipped her pants and exposed her lacy thong-clad 53-year-old taut backside to the crowd at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico.

Oh Madge, here we go again. It would seem that Madonna plans to show of her different body parts at various stage of her MDNA World Tour. Both times, she bared a body part during her performance of Human Nature. We’ve already seen a breast and her booty … I wonder what body part she plans to bare next. Any guesses?

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  • rOXy

    LOL!! She can do no wrong in my eyes. Why doesn’t she just strip down to naked and get it over with? She’s proud of her body. She worked hard for it.

    • @rOXy — That’s what I’m saying. I hope she saves some nekkidness for her LA show :)

    • rOXy

      “I never know what’s going to happen when I come to Rome.” Priceless!

  • Anna

    I don’t know…all of this just seems so…desperate. Like she’s trying to stay relevant when all she needs to do is just perform. I love Madge, but flashing and mooning is just a little “Hey look at me!” feeling. Her fans will love her no matter what, but she’s 50+. Pulling the same stunts she did when she was 20 just doesn’t feel the same.

    • Lily

      I agree. This reeks of desperation, of “Look at me! See!? I’m still relevant!!”

    • Ariel

      well every mainstream artist does everything to stay relevant, like dressing extravgant, making scandals, marrying stupid people, getting divorced, etc. it’s the new way to get people interested, even when they have a lot to offer but at the same time no one would have a carrer, not elvis, not little richard, not michael or lady gaga.

  • Haha hhhm maybe she gonna show her” private hair ” next time hahaha joke!

  • Kel

    AMEN Anna.

  • Mela


  • pufinstuf

    Unless she whips out a penis, I couldn’t give two you-know-whats.

  • maybe she can do the Britney’s iconic “my pussy is hanging out”

  • Hunter

    It’s not being “desperate”, it’s Madonna doing what she always does. Challenging everyones opinion about sex and sexuality. Like when she first burst into the scene and cause controversy for being overtly sexual, something that women are not supposed to be back in those days. Now her sight is on our ageist culture and our expectations of what women her age should do or not do.

  • Debho

    OMG, that’s so funny. And a little awkward looking.

  • PetaF

    Is her “No fear” tattoo real?

  • LV

    Just kinda makes her look like an over-the-hill stripper.

  • Donny

    Saying it reeks of desperation reeks of jealousy and of you having nothing else to say.

    • Anna

      LOL Reeks of jealousy? No, it just reeks of my opinion. Sorry, but when a grown-ass woman flashes said ass to a crowd…it’s just too much. She’s already done this. We know she’s edgy. We’ve seen the pictures–from 30 years ago. It’d be like Betty White getting a boob job and a 25 year old boy toy. Unnecessary.

      I already said Madge was great, but why not get publicity on pure talent alone? Bruce Springsteen still sells out stadiums and you don’t see him posting penis pictures.

  • Sweetpants

    Geez everyone goes crazy over the Magic Mike preview with male butts in it but once a women does it we call it desperate? I’m sorry but people need to grow up cause Madonna has an amazing body for 53 and if you got it flaunt it. It’s not like her behind is anywhere near sagging and looks more perky then most men and women at 33 years old. I for one applaud Madonna for being able to go out there and do what she does with no signs of slowing down. Age should never matter cause we will all be there sooner or later. I just hope I look that good when I get there ;)

  • Jimmy

    Britain is a BIG FAN of dance music, and madonna’s new song is hip hop. It’s still dance, but not rlly that all dance. Proof: Madonna’s Bedtime Story (1994 Album, Genre: RnB) it wasnt dance, so the sieglns went rlly high in the USA but low in the UK.2nd Proof: Madonna’s Confessions On A Dancefloor ( 2006 album, genre: dance, electropop) the sieglns did rlly bad in the US (except hung up) but did excellent in the UK, 2 of them (hung up and sorry) hitting number 1 and the other 2 (get together and jump) hit the top 10 in the UK.