UME Rocks LA


Last night, Darion and I met up with our friend Courtney at The Satellite in Silverlake to see a new band perform live in concert. UME is on tour with The Life and Times and they hail from Austin, TX. We were invited to the show by our new friend Brian so that we could check out UME’s introduction to LA. I had only heard one of their songs before we went to the show last night but I really liked what I heard. Seeing the band live last night, tho, really made me a fan.

UME is made up of Lauren on vocals/guitar, Eric on bass and Rachel on drums. This 3 piece band is really damn good. I was really impressed with Lauren’s guitar playing skills. I spent most of my time watching her fingers fly over the guitar strings. It’s been a long time since I’ve ventured out to see a new band like this but I’m glad I made the effort last night. We really enjoyed their show and look forward to seeing them in concert again.

Tonight, David and I have another concert to see … Lil’ Kim at The Key Club. I’m not sure what to expect, to be honest, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to see her live on stage. It’s a gloomy Wednesday here in LA today, hope it’s bright and sunny where you are today!