New Photos Of The New Superman Suit Hit The Internets


We have seen photos of new Superman actor Henry Cavill in the newly redesigned Superman suit as well as out of the Superman suit and today we get to see photos of the suit itself. One of the costumes that Cavill wears in the forthcoming Superman film is on display at the 2012 Licensing Expo, which gives us a chance to check out the costume in detail. Even tho Henry Cavill isn’t in the suit, it’s still a pretty impressive sight to see. Check it out below.

Anyone who has seen Henry Cavill knows that he is a beefy and fairly muscular man. When I first saw him in the new Superman suit, I was particularly taken with his, erm, noticeable endowment below the waist. As we can see in these photos, his super endowment appears to be more a matter of costume construction than, well, natural anatomy:

Irregardless of whether or not Superman’s super powers, ahem, are natural or merely costume enhancements, I am still very much looking forward to the release of this new film. I have to say, even tho I now know that the suit is responsible for much of Superman’s bulk, I really don’t mind seeing Henry Cavill inside this costume. Do you?


  • rOXy

    It’s a perfect update to The Suit. I am quite certain Mr. Cavill will fill it out nicely.

  • nicole

    usually suit updates are horrible. but i like this one. its perfect

  • Adam

    To me the suit is a nice unmistakable as Superman but still original. If you don’t like the suit it’s cool but don’t judge the movie on costume alone. Cast looks impressive. Sure Christopher Reeve will be the one and only Superman to some but remember he was in the best Superman movie and the worst

  • Connor

    the red underwear on the outside would look so ridiculous in this day of age , glad they took that away but still have the center button of the belt , along with what looks like wing-ish designs on the sides. I like the chain mail look of suit as well , almost looks like battle armor. I REALLY hope this film is good.