Listen: Tweet, Joss Stone And Cloudeater Release New Music


Tweet (no affiliation with Twitter)?! Where have you been all my life/ since Oops (Oh My)? Ok, well, she has released something since then (It’s Me Again), but I kinda missed out on that one. I am not missing the next album, Simply Tweet, set to drop later this year. I know Tweet is considered by many to be a one-hit-wonder but I actually had that first album (Southern Hummingbird) and remember it being kind of amazingly cray. Really pumped about her new music and Joss Stone’s as well. I hadn’t heard of Cloudeater until five minutes ago but I have heard of Jay-Z and he debuted their new track on his blog, Life + Times. Let’s check it all out!

Tweet: Trouble


Joss Stone: Give More Power To The People (The Chi-Lites cover)


Joss Stone’s upcoming album is currently titled The Soul Sessions Volume 2, and her first single (dropping in the next few weeks) is a cover of indie rock band Broken Bells’s The High Road.


Cloudeater feat. Wale: Faces


Cloudeater is described as a band where “trip-hop and post-industrial rock converge with blue-eyed soul” (thank you, Creative Loafing Atlanta). Enjoy :)


Thoughts on the new music? I’m excited for Tweet, but couldn’t help noticing that the track sounded a helluva lot like the songs on her first album (which came out in 2002). Joss Stone’s voice is insane and I can’t wait to hear more covers from her, although I wonder if any original music is forthcoming. Cloudeater– great name. And great idea teaming up with Wale; I think they’ve worked together before on his album and I’m excited to see what they have popping off next.

Anybody else miss Tweet? No?



  • Tweet?!?!?!?!?! OH MY!!!! This is very exciting :)

    • Yeah! Another Tweet fan! And it’s Trent!!! I can’t wait for more…

  • Jenni

    Excited for her new music! ohhh isn’t a Missy album coming out too? I wonder if they will collab

    • Jenni, I’ve heard about a Missy album. It would be sweet to see a collab go down.

  • Samantha

    OMG! I love Joss Stone’s voice, I don’t care what she’s singing. But, just an FYI for those interested, she’s put out several albums since the first Soul Sessions, including an LP last year. You should def check it out!

    • Thanks Sam! I agree, this girl could KILL a friggen Lysol commercial if it came down to it.

    • Kara

      I was about to say this! She has an LP from last year, and albums from 2009 and 2007! I love herrrr.

    • Ok, thanks guys. I thought that sounded weird when I read it.

  • I miss tweet. Loved the first album. But lyrically the 2nd album blew me away. I hope there’s some risk on the album though. And I love Joss voice. Great bloc too.

    • Thanks for commenting Derick Swinson! I was always impressed with Tweet’s lyrics too– not your standard R&B fare. Oh, I’m thinking about that track ‘Drunk’ from the 1st album… yeah, she’s good!

  • Julie

    Your taste in music is dooooooooope. Love reading your posts about upcoming tracks/albums.

  • Thanks Julie– that comment surprised me! I just think I’m a weirdo sometimes. But yes, thank you “doooooooooooope” is a MUCH better way to describe it, lol:)

    Sidenote: I’m getting really into a site called FMI (Fighting Musical Ignorance). I mainly just love their name. Checkie out sometime!