Listen: Rita Ora Covers ‘No Church In The Wild’ Live


Last week we got to hear Ester Dean’s new track Baby Makin Love, and we mentioned that more new music might be headed our way from Roc Nation. Well, it has arrived! Sort of. Rita Ora is a newly-signed Roc Nation artist and she recently performed an acoustic version of Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne single, No Church In The Wild at Radio 1?s Live Lounge. Listen to Rita’s cover inside.

Rita Ora: No Church In The Wild Cover


Honestly, I was so not feeling this the first time around– and I love acoustic versions of just about anything (i.e. Outkast’s Hey Ya). The second/third time around, I decided that her vocals are pretty on point, but this version of the song just isn’t doin it for me. Kinda makes me want to go listen to that Ester Dean song again. Still, I can’t actually carry a tune, so props to all those who can :)


What do you guys think of the track? Comment me and check out Rita’s debut video for her single R.I.P., which killed in the U.K. People over at Idolator initially called her a “poor man’s Rihanna.” Ouch. I see it, but I also see where she can break away from that if she figures out what her own look is. The love of my life says, unlike Ri-Ri, Rita Ora doesn’t actually look like she dresses like that in real life. She looks styled, which doesn’t work in terms of authenticity. I’m inclined to agree with the guy who was smart enough to make babies with me. What do you guys think about Rita O?


Rita Ora: R.I.P


  • Sam

    Not a fan at all…Also, I don’t understand why Rita Ora is always so yellow…girl looks jaundiced!!!

    • Sam! You cut deep! LOL, but I hear ya– it’s her hair too. I was never a big fan of yellow on yellow. But I think she’s a good-looking girl.