Listen: Azealia Banks Finally Returns To Twitter! And Rap!


Well, we can all return back to our normal lives. Azealia Banks has finally returned to twitter and she’s dropped a new track via her tumblr. The song is called Aquababe. “These public pool bitches ain’t real mermaids,” is the opening line. So yeah. She’s back. Listen to Aquababe inside.

Azealia Banks: Aquababe


We got a message from Team Azealia today and they gave us the heads up on the new track and “the much-hyped Liquorice video,” set to premiere later today. They also let us know that Azealia is hard at work on her full-length debut album, BROKE WITH EXPENSIVE TASTE.

A lot of our PITNBrs weighed in this past weekend when Trent posted about Azealia Banks retiring from rap and deleting her twitter. Iris posted a link to express her disappointment and anger. It deserves to be seen by all:



Thanks Iris.

Sam also weighed in as a fan of Azealia’s first single 212, and Banana was confused as to who everyone was commenting about.  Check out the tracks below if you’re not up on Azealia Banks, or if you need a refresher course. I’m not a huge fan yet, but I’m definitely interested in seeing where all of this goes.


Azealia Banks: 212

Azealia Banks: L8R

  • Fabio

    I love when tyra flipped! Ha