Watch: ‘City Of God’ Director Debuts First Trailer For ‘360’



Fernando Meirelles directed City of God. That’s it. That’s all you need to know about him. What? Not a City of God fan? Ok. Well, we can never be on speaking/blogging terms again but maybe you were into The Constant Gardner like my bff Michelle who I have found it in my heart to love, although she is not a huge City of God fan. We’ve managed to find common Fernando Meirelles ground. What? Not a Constant Gardner fan? Then surely, you must either like Jude Law or Anthony Hopkins or Rachel Weisz or Ben Foster, all of whom appear in Meirelles’s new film, 360. Or you like Anne Hathaway who named City of God as one of her fave movies ever. If you don’t like her, I give up. Peep the trailer inside.

360 First Trailer



It kind of looks like a cross between Revolutionary Road (marital drama), Little Children (pedophile drama + relationship drama), and Crash (worlds + cultures collide). Or, it looks like the City of God director made a relationship drama/thriller that may or may not change my life. If you read our Summer Movie Preview, I did quite a bit of gushing over 360 (also mentioned that the writer is the  same creepy-brilliant guy who wrote The Queen and Frost/Nixon), and now that I’ve seen the trailer I’m still pumped. Although, I think I suffer from that directorial obsession where I think every film he makes should be exactly like City of God. That makes no sense, but still, I can’t help but wonder… why aren’t we watching that right now?

There’s always this:


Hello City Of God

  • Sam

    City of God has been my favourite movie for years. It changed my views on the world and on film-making in general. Although Tintin was my initial inspiration to become a reporter (I read all the comics when I was around 9-10), seeing a movie through a photojournalist’s eyes in City of God inspired me to continue on the path to study journalism. Crazy what movies can do!

    • Sam, yes. That was the first time I walked out of a theatre and said, “That just changed my life.” I immediately wanted to make movies! Or at least write for movies… but then I fell in love with literary theory, what are you gonna do?! But I will never fall out of love with movies like this.

  • Ben@pr

    I really liked City of God too. It’s very raw, intense, realistic and shows how evil some men can be. It impacts your life by letting you know some really brutal and harsh reality that many people endure since they are kids.

    • Ben@pr thanks for the comment. I’d like to think that the movie changes things or at least brings awareness to some of us, in some way.

  • Kel

    Shannon, I really wanted to see “City of God” because of how gorgeously I herd it was shot and how incredible the story was told…however, I saw one scene, the rape scene, and 4 years later I havent been able to get it out of my head. It disturbed me so much!! I guess that is a testament ro how real/raw the film is, but I am afraid I am too much a wimp for this director. Do you know what scene I am refering to? Not sure if there were others in the movie like that…

    • Kel, yes I know exactly what scene you’re talking about and you are absolutely right. It’s intense and not for everyone, like my bff Michelle who I mentioned in the post. Which is WHY you should see The Constant Gardner instead! It’s heavy too, but not in the same manner and then you can still love Fernando Meirelles and we can still be friends, lol! Thanks for the comment.