Pastor Lynches Obama Likeness Outside Of Church



Last time I checked, this is not what Jesus would do. Or any decent human being for that matter. But Pastor Terry Jones is the kind of guy who burns Qu’rans for fun, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised that he made a life-sized Barack Obama effigy and hung it outside of his church, The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida. Pastor Jones, you might wanna revisit that good ol’ New Testament sometime soon. You seem to have missed the heavy emphasis on “love,” along with a few other points.


Obama’s recent endorsement of gay marriage has prompted a number of responses and tons of criticism, but this is a special kind of critique because it involves a rope and a gallows. Please note the baby doll in effigy Obama’s hand– Pastor Jones says the doll represents the President’s favorable attitude towards abortion. Um. Ok.

In his other hand, the stuffed Obama likeness carries a Pride flag. Behind it is a trailer that reads, “Obama Is Killing America.” As you know, all very important and scientifically-proven facts are usually written on trailers. So that’s how you know Pastor Jones is right.

What are your other thoughts on this demonstration of free speech? Is this what the First Amendment is for?  President Obama’s pastor (Rev. Jeremiah Wright) was all over the news back during Obama’s first presidential campaign (and recently, as well) for certain political remarks. Do religious leaders step out-of-bounds when they start talking politics? Or is it part of their job?

And maybe you guys can help me work through something. Last time I checked,  rope + black man’s neck = lynching. But what happens when the black man is the President? Lots of political figures have been made into effigies and “hung” (which is sad, I think). Is it any different because it’s Obama, and because of this country’s atrocious history of lynching black men? Or is this “merely” a political statement, divorced from race (if that’s possible)?


  • Lauri

    I don’t think it can be divorced from race. The fact that he is black has been a central issue from the onset of his campaign in ’08, I don’t care to look up anymore information on this bigoted man than I have to, but the homophobic, anti-muslim tendencies he’s already proven himself to hold should imply something I think. Frankly I’m surprised he went with Obama and not “Osama” on the writing in the back. Sick.

    • @Lauri — I completely agree. The lynching of a Black effigy is utterly and profoundly disgusting and horribly racist. Again, this man is psychotic.

    • Thanks for the comment Lauri. I felt the same– as much as I wanted to research things a bit more, it was just too embarrassing to see all the things we accept as normal or, at least, legal.

  • k

    “pastor” jones is the devil.

    but, regardless of the free speech issue, if religious organiziations want to get into politics, then they should also give up their tax exemption status. pay to play.

    • k, Thank you for putting “pastor” in quotes. And yes! What an interesting suggestion about the tax exemption status, lol.

  • Andi

    I will start off by saying that I am not a big fan of Obama or his administration, but then again I am not a huge fan of any politician and their particular lot either. I believe that politicians should be open minded about the criticisms against them and think hard on it to identify ways to improve themselves as politicians and representatives of their constituents, to identify when they are basing decisions on their own beliefs and when their decisions (political decisions) are being based on the beliefs and needs of the people they represent. That being said this kind of display is absolutely disgusting. This guy, who claims to love his god and represent his religion, shows us an example of humanity at it’s worst. He should be ashamed of himself, political statements such as this have no place in a society that claims to be civilized. The man he is symbolically hanging has a wife, kids, extended family and friends who love him, I can only imagine the stress, anguish and hurt this type of stunt has caused them. When I look at things like this I can’t help but be ashamed, that this kind of hate and racism is still perpetrated in our society today, ashamed that this who guy claims to represent the majority of people in our society today is launching such a disgusting attack based on race and a deep hatred of “gay” marriage. I would like to say that there are many of us out there (white, middle class, religious, etc) who think this man and what he represents is absolutely appalling. If there is a god who is all loving and all caring, as this quack is insisting, then I cannot and will not believe that god would condone such acts of hate. If His love is supposed to be universal then it is universal, period. To me there isn’t “gay marriage”, there is only marriage. Marriage between two adults who love each other, that’s it, the rest doesn’t matter. Two men, two women, a man and a woman, etc, it doesn’t matter. Two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives doing so is something to be embraced and celebrated, it is not something to hate, to fear, or to ban. I also don’t believe that there are “black”, “white”, “gay” or “strait” people, there are only people. To try to categorize people into these neat little boxes breeds the kind of hate and intolerance that you see coming from this man. At the end of the day we are all just people, and as such we are all equal, or should be, under the eyes of the law and in the eyes of any “God” that you may choose to believe in.

    That is how I see it, this guy is entitled to his beliefs, I in no way want to rob him of his right to speak, think and feel the way he chooses; however a line needs to be drawn when his actions (not his thoughts or beliefs or opinions, but his actions) are causing harm to another human being. I believe that this man has crossed the line from having an opinion to acting in a way that will harm others and I don’t feel that such things should be tolerated. Even if the law cannot do anything to stop this guy, society needs to. If enough people voice their outrage at this man (voice, not threaten to kill, not symbolically hang, or assault, but calmly voicing opinions, thoughts and feelings that differ from his) we may just get him thinking a little bit deeper on the subject, and he may just think twice about showing such disregard for his fellow human beings in the future. Also, by voicing alternative views on the subject we may get like minded supporters of this guy to change their views, to teach their children different values regarding respect, tolerance, what “God” would want; if that happens then we would really have made a difference.

    • Andi, thanks for a truly thoughtful comment. I think I feel where you’re coming from– that people, if not law-enforcers– should be speaking out against this in whatever we can. There’s no reason he should think this is ok.

  • Colleen

    Wow. I’m speechless. As a Christian, this really disgusts me and gives Christians a bad name. This man is clearly a nut job.

    • Colleen, it’s sad because the Bible really is full of good things! NONE of this is in there! Unless, of course, you want it to be. Thanks for your comment.

  • This man is psychotic.

  • Katie

    There are some people that sadly will never change or even take time to consider a point of view other than their own. Sometimes I think it would be best to try not to give them any more attention than they have already been given. They are being given exactly what they want. They are looking for more publicity to spread their hateful message.

  • Amy

    So called “religious men” such as this Terry Jones and Fred Phelps of that other dispicable Westboro Baptist Church make me sick to my stomach. The hate that the spread in the name of their supposed faith is horrifying and that fact that it exists in our world today is inexcusable. I don’t even think that this should be looked upon as a expression of their beliefs but as the hate crime that it truly is. There has to be a realization that these people are hiding under the guise of religious organizations purely to reap the benfits that come with such as tax exemptions when in reality these exemptions are just funding their abilty to spread their hate even more.

  • Meghan

    This sickens me, but does not surprise me. I believe we will see more of this type of display as we get closer to the election. As much as people like to deny it, there is a huge element of racism in some of the reaction to Obama’s presidency.

  • Ara

    I seen this a few days ago and couldn’t believe in this day and age this is still okay and this is freedom of speech. How can something this hateful be free speech? I hope the secret service scare this dreadful man calling himself a pastor. Let’s face it if Obama were white the majority of these things would never happen. He has never had a chance with congress and the good ol boy club in my opinion. And I agree with the other poster make churches pay taxes. Religious institutions keep trying to force their beliefs on us, and definitely play a role in politics. Time to pay up.

  • Revan Vampir

    And why is he not in the picture wearing his white hood and robes.

  • Ben@pr

    Disclaimer: I won’t be polite. This piece of shit of pastor doesn’t understand there are still some Americans that doesn’t have the same rights as others just because they are different. This scum of human being still doesn’t know how lucky he is to have a black man with the background, intelligence and qualities of Mr. Barack Obama as the President of the USA. His head is so full of trash that he doesn’t know how lucky he is that he is legally protected to display that kind of raw hate towards humanity. All the people that follow him are brainless.

  • Lynne

    This saddens me and brought tears to my eyes. Some people like this man use Christianity as an excuse to act like f**kin idiots. Shameful.

  • Amy

    Hope he’s set aside a few hours this week because sure as shit the Secret Service is going to want to have a word with him.

  • Ella

    Some racist Americans like to say Christianity is not a hateful religion and Islam “obviously” is.
    Well, this is a clear example that psychos can take a book like the Bible and Koran and twist the words to excuse hatred and deplorable behavior. To me, these wackos are just as dangerous as the terrorists who hijacked the Muslim religion for their own sick reasons. Have they flown planes into buildings? No, but anyone who is capable of such hatred is capable of anything.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    MOST, I said Most, Christians are crazy!!

    • Megsterg

      Not most, but some, yes. It has nothing to do with religion though. There are crazy people in every group of everything. People are just crazy in general.

  • Shannon

    There are kooks in every religion! Equal opportunity CRAZIES! This is absoutely terrible! This is 2012 people!