Watch: Inception, Prometheus, and Mrs. Doubtfire Get Hilarious New Trailers

Movie Parody Madness

Pascal Witaszek: Elizabeth Taylor biopic, starring Olivia Wilde

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  1. The Mrs. Doubtfire trailer is soo creepy. That movie has to be my all time favorite growing up and had I not already know it was a comedy I would have thought it was a psychological slasher thriller. Whoever did that trailer did a great job. I was also creeped out by the Inception trailer (but that movie was creepy in its original form too). Great job Shannon for finding these. This made my day. Hope you create more posts like this in the future. You’re impressing me so far.

  2. Joanna– so glad you liked! And yes, more quirky-fun art-fart to come :)

  3. VV

    It’s “lego”, not “legos”.

  4. Sarah

    Oh wow, the Pascal Witaszek movie posters are fantastic! Really enjoying your posts Shannon :)

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